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Recycling symbol – The history

The history and the 

The universal symbol for recycling is so widely known that you probably see it without even realising now. It’s visible on packaging and products in your business and home, your local shops, restaurants and, of course, waste disposal services.

The symbol consists of a triangle of three arrows looping back into each other; what’s known as the Mobius Loop. Although the original and most widely recognised design incorporates green arrows, modifications have been made since its origin, which sees white with black outlines or block black colour used instead and which can convey different meanings.

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History of the recycling logo 

The symbol originated back in the 70s, ahead of the first-ever Earth Day, where students across the USA were challenged to design something which raised awareness of environmental issues.

The winner, Gary Anderson, designed what’s now known as this symbol, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Recycling symbol meaning

The triangle on its own means the product is capable of being recycled but isn’t necessarily made of recycled materials.

A Mobius Loop which features a percentage figure at the centre represents the amount of recycled material which is in the product, which differs slightly to the original symbol.

It’s sometimes seen accompanied by letters and numbers too, which identifies the type of plastic the packaging is made of, and therefore if it’s recyclable in your local area.

The arrows on their own are commonly associated with the three R’s of recycling; recycle, reuse, reduce. They represent how the circle of (waste) life works by helping everything come back around, and in turn, benefiting the environment and future generations.

How you can manage your own circle of waste?

Managing your own recycling can be easier than you think, and that’s where we come in.

Take control of your business waste by educating yourself on what can and can’t be recycled within the company. Ensure you have the correct means of recycling or waste disposal, whether that’s large or small bins, depending on the size and frequency of your waste requirements. Then, organise your bins and collection dates, to guarantee regular pick-ups which help to keep your business clean and a role model to others too.

If you’d like to learn more about how we can help you with your recycling and waste management needs, simply get in touch for a quote, or find out more about recycling here.

recycling logo history
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