Business Waste Stats 2019

Business Waste LTD Results and Stats 2019

A massive thank you to our customers, suppliers and dedicated colleagues, it’s been an amazing journey in the 4 years since we launched Business Waste LTD. Heres to 2020 and beyond.

Eco focussed waste company hits £10,000,000 after just 4 years

Major jobs boost for Yorkshire-based commercial waste collection and disposal company

One of Yorkshire’s success stories continues to shine with the announcement that it is taking on new staff as it continues to grow.

York-based, a national waste and recycling company which provides refuse services to commercial clients, says that it plans to add 15 new posts on top of the 58 it already provides in the local area.

Founded in 2015, the company has gone from strength to strength, and boasts a turnover of more than £10m, hoping to increase this to £13.5m in the coming year. managing director David Adams is understandably proud of the way the company has grown, and says: “In an uncertain time for businesses up and down the country, we’re continuing to bring in local jobs for our national company”.

The scores on the doors

Born out of the idea of providing companies and organisations with the cheapest available commercial waste contracts, now boasts over 12,000 customers creating a turnover of some £10.2m in 2019.

Committed to local employment, the company moved into its second York office due to expansion in 2017, and now has 58 staff, and has provided apprentices for 22 people.

The company has also invested £235,000 on in-house software, specifically designed to give customers the best possible deal for their waste collections.

“That’s the secret of our success,” says David Adams, “We promise our customers spectacular savings and astonishing reliability on one of the least attractive obligations required of all businesses, and we keep those promises.”

Greener but not leaner

In an age of concern for the planet and the environment, is proud of its green record, having diverted over 50,000 tonnes of waste from landfill.

“That’s the equivalent of over 20,000 African elephants,” says company spokesperson Mark Hall.

“Then there’s the 17 million glass bottles we’ve recycled. That’s a lot of glass.”

It’s cheaper to recycle than it is to bury all your rubbish in a big hole in the ground, and that’s the message uses to save its thousands of customers money on waste collections.

“Not only do we encourage our customers to join our green commitments, we’ve also been at the sharp end of campaigns to discourage single-use plastics.

“Having a greener business is – in the long term – great for business,” says Mark Hall.

And that’s been borne out in increasing turnover for from companies and organisations happy to pay less for their waste contracts.

The future is bright, the future is rubbish

York’s is proud of its local roots and its continued commitment to local jobs.

“We’re proud and thrilled of our success story,” says David Adams, “And every new job we create makes us prouder still.”

Repeating a message that the company has used since day one, Adams says: “We refuse to be beaten on price.

“And not only that, we refuse to be beaten on having most reliable service in the trade as well.”

Not only that, is proud to be perhaps one of the happiest companies to work for in Yorkshire.

“We have a great culture including shared learning and mind fullness. We just enjoy being a big happy team.”

And with plans to recruit even more staff to this Yorkshire success story, that team is going to be getting even bigger in 2020.

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