Another charity starts accepting recycled electrical goods

There’s more great news from the world of recycling as the British Heart Foundation becomes another leading UK based charity to accept electrical goods.

The recycling of small electrical goods has increased steadily in recent months, with waste management organisations and councils teaming up to create collection points around the country. With the price of some raw materials going through the roof, it has now become economical to collect even broken goods which can be broken up for the metals they contain. These days, no part goes to waste.

However, if your electrical goods are still in good working order, some charities now welcome items to give them a second run round the block. Previously, many charity shops were unable to sell used electrics, simply because of indemnity and insurance problems should the sell something that might contain a dangerous fault. But now, larger charities are able to test smaller items they receive and virtually guarantee that they are safe to use.

However, there are some simple rules to follow before you get together your old toasters, VHS tape recorders and hair dryers that are gathering dust at the back of cupboards.

Firstly, for safety and other reasons, charities won’t take electric blankets, shower units, razors, tanning equipment or ceiling/wall lights. They also can’t take computer hard drives, or items containing hard drives.

In the interests of safety, mains power leads must be undamaged; there should be no signs of overheating on the item’s case; and there should be no damage that allows the inter workings to be accessed.

If you pass the safety tests, take a look at the item and ask yourself if you would buy it if you saw it in a shop. Is it working correctly? Does it come will all accessories (for example, a music system or television should be complete with its remote control). Most importantly of all – is it in a condition where it might sell? If the charity can’t sell it, then they’d only send it to be recycled, and you could have done that in the first place.

Giving to charity is great, as it keeps waste out of landfill – follow a few simple guidelines and everybody wins.

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