Coffee pods and capsules disposal and recycling

When people are looking for new and inventive ways of enjoying their coffee, many people turn to coffee pods and capsules. These can be a great way of getting cafe-quality coffee in the warmth and comfort of your own home or office. However, after doing so, you need to dispose of the coffee pods and capsules left over. Read on for more about coffee pod and capsule disposal, and how to make sure you get it right.

Recycle and Disposal of Coffee-Pods

Who invented coffee pods?

Coffee pods have been in use for years now, initially created by coffee companies such as Nespresso and Dolce Gusto in order to offer their premium coffee products to people without them needing to go to a coffee shop. Since then many coffee companies have followed this trend, but each capsule is a single serving. This means that there is plenty of waste to dispose of afterwards.

What are coffee pods made from and how are they made?

The construction of the pods can vary from company to company. Whether this is a blend of an aluminium foil lid with a plastic pod, or entirely plastic, every company designs and creates its pods in a slightly different manner. The vast majority of manufacturers use a thermoset plastic process, moulding the pods into the shape their brand uses.

Coffee pod and capsule disposal

Coffee pods and capsules do not have a one size fits all approach to disposal. This is primarily due to the different manufacturing processes of each and every company. As some contain aluminium they require special processes to separate the two materials, where some thermoset plastics cannot be recycled under any circumstances.

In order to guarantee that you have disposed of your coffee pods in the most sustainable manner which looks after the environment around you, get in touch with the manufacturer. They will let you know the best way to dispose of their products, and how to go about doing so.

Problems with coffee pod and capsule waste

The main issue with coffee pod and capsule waste is the fact that no two manufacturers produce their capsules in exactly the same way. This means that if you change coffee brand you will also need to change the way you dispose of pods and capsules. Keeping informed in this way can be extremely difficult, and makes the disposal process incredibly complex.

Alternatives to coffee pods and capsules

The main alternative to coffee pods and capsules is by using instant coffee. Depending on the brand it can be just as tasty, and if you shop in a location that lets you use your own jars, it can be a completely waste-free process. You could also grind your own coffee beans, which is a difficult process to get into, but once you know how it can keep your waste down for years to come.

Facts about coffee pods and capsules

– There are now reusable coffee pods available, which allow you to eliminate coffee pod waste.

– Coffee pods are banned from German government buildings due to the fact they create unnecessary aluminium waste.

– Very few coffee manufacturers sell completely biodegradable capsules, with producers like Caffe Vergnano developing their own environmentally friendly capsules.

Where can you take these items to recycle and dispose of them for free?

Your disposal options for these objects completely depend on the manufacturer. For example, those with fully biodegradable or compostable pods can be put in compost bins and used to help fertilise gardens later. On the other hand, those with non-recyclable capsules may be better served by simply binning the capsules.

If you have any questions about the specific brand of capsules that you use, you should get in touch with the manufacturer and ask them about responsible disposal of their products. They will often be happy to let you know the best way to dispose of their coffee pods and capsules.

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