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What to do if Your Bins Aren’t Collected

Missed bin collections are frustrating. It can mean more rubbish builds up, your bins start to overflow and exceed their weight limits, and a bad smell develops. This might attract pests and create an unpleasant environment for any customers or visitors who pass your bins and for your staff when throwing out any more waste.

At Business Waste we’re proud to arrange regular and reliable commercial bin collections for companies across the UK. However, sometimes things happen beyond our control, which means unfortunately your bins might not be collected on time. If this happens we’ll work to ensure a fast solution that gets your bins emptied and collections back on track.

Contact us online or call 01904 207 120 if you experience a missed bin collection for a fast solution. Keep reading to discover common reasons why bins aren’t collected, what you can do to ensure yours should be emptied, and how to report a missed bin collection.

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How to report a 
missed bin collection

You can report a missed bin collection with Business Waste online or over the phone if you’re an existing customer. One of our expert customer services and/or logistics team members will look into why your bins weren’t collected and work out a solution. There are a few ways you can report a missed bin collection with Business Waste:

  • Contact our team online – use the online contact form. Simply fill in your details and information about the missed bin collection and someone from our customer care team will be in touch. You can also send an email about your bins not being collected so we can look into the issue – email [email protected]
  • Phone 01904 207 120 – talk directly to one of our friendly, expert, and helpful customer care team members about your missed bin collection. They’ll take your details and help work out why your bins weren’t collected and deliver a solution.
  • Speak to your customer service – call or email your dedicated customer service representative and they’ll respond quickly to explain why your bins weren’t collected and to arrange a solution. Alternatively, call our customer care team on 01904 207 120.

Why was my bin 
not collected?

There are various common reasons why a bin is not collected. Sometimes it’s an error by the waste management company responsible for collecting the bin, at other times it might be the fault of the business whose bins need to be collected. And sometimes it can be due to elements out of both parties’ control.

Consider whether your bins might not have been collected for one of the following reasons to help determine the cause of any missed collection and work out a fast solution:

  • Bins in the wrong place – your bins need to be put out in the agreed location for collection. If they’re placed somewhere different, in a hidden place, or somewhere with access restrictions then they might get missed.
  • Access issues – any bins behind a gate that’s locked or somewhere that requires an access code can’t be removed unless the waste collection company has these details or a phone number to call upon arrival for access. If nobody is around to provide access then the bins will be left off their collection schedule.
  • Bins not put out in time – simply forgetting to put out your bins ahead of the agreed removal time will result in a missed collection. If they’re not in position by the time waste collection trucks arrive then they won’t be emptied or removed.
  • Overflowing or overweight bins – some waste collection companies may refuse to remove any bins that exceed their max fill and/or weight limits. This is because they may have to pay the overweight charges and then recoup the costs from your business later, which some organisations aren’t happy to do. Any extra bags of waste left next to or on top of a bin will not be removed.
  • Logistical errors – mistakes can happen, due to human error, technology issues, or planning difficulties. This might mean a bin collection is missed due to an error by the waste collection company. They should provide an apology and rearrange your bin collection.
  • Missing or late payments – bin collections can be paused if your business has not kept up with its payments. There’s often some leeway but when there are a few unpaid invoices the collections could be put on hold until all overdue payments are settled. You can pay your invoice online.
  • End of contract – after a contract for bin collections expires you’ll stop receiving regular waste removal services. It’s a good idea to check and renew or change your waste collection contract ahead of time to avoid a period with no bin collections.
  • Waste collectors on strike – union and industry action may mean workers are on strike. Your waste collection company should inform you of this in advance.
  • Bad weather – heavy wind, rain, and snow can result in road closures and access issues, especially for businesses in hard-to-reach areas. Where safety is an issue due to bad weather your bin collections might be rearranged for a different day, but you should be informed of this.

Will I get a refund for 
a missed bin collection?

It depends on the reasons for a missed bin collection. When you speak to one of our customer care team about your missed bin collection they can advise on whether you could receive a refund or not. The likelihood of a refund and its potential amount will depend on the specific details of the case.

What to do about a 
missed bin collection at home

If your bins are not collected at home you should contact your local council or the authority responsible for your bin collections. Use the UK government website to find who you should contact about a missed domestic bin collection based on your postcode.

Report a missed bin collection online

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any missed bin collections

Contact us online or call 01904 207 120 to report any missed bin collections arranged with us here at Business Waste. Our team will work diligently to get to the bottom of what’s happened and provide a quick solution to ensure your bins are emptied.

You can also contact us online or call 0800 211 8390 if you want to arrange additional bin collections or have a question about your current collection service.

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