wheelie bins blown over in a storm.

How to Secure Wheelie Bins in a Storm

Wet, windy, and wild weather causes chaos for wheelie bins. It can blow them over, strewing waste across the street that might pollute the local environment, while damaging the bin itself. That’s why it’s important you try to secure your wheelie bins when there’s a storm, hurricane, or tornado on its way.

Wheelie bins are convenient for homes and businesses to store all sorts of waste and easily move them around. Most are built from solid plastic, which makes them sturdy and waterproof. Heavy rains, strong gusts of wind, and hail provide a real challenge that can blow over wheelie bins in a storm.

Rubbish escaping from a bin can end up in local waterways, contaminate land, and block drains. Even if it blows out of your bin accidentally, it’s your responsibility to reduce the risk by preparing your bin properly. Discover how to secure wheelie bins in a storm at home or work with these steps.

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How to stop a wheelie bin 
blowing over in a storm

If a wheelie bin falls over in a storm or tornado there’s a chance that all the waste it contains could blow away, littering the local environment. Your household or business is responsible for any wheelie bins you use so should take steps to avoid this happening. It ensures all your waste will be disposed of and recycled responsibly.

There are many things you can do to secure your wheelie bins to stop them from blowing over in a storm:

  • Lock your wheelie bin – one of the best ways to secure a wheelie bin in general is with a dedicated wheelie bin lock. Many are specifically manufactured to lock wheelie bins to walls or posts. There are also wheelie bin lock straps that secure the lid and keep it closed, which prevents theft and stops rubbish from blowing out if your bin falls over in a storm.
  • Hook up your bins – install a hook on a nearby wall or post and tie some bungee cord around your bin or its handles and attach it for a DIY alternative to locking your wheelie bins. There are also brackets available that act similarly. Simply screw the bracket into a fence and clip in the wheelie bin handles to secure it.
  • Use a dedicated storage area – businesses should consider a dedicated wheelie bin storage area. Ideally, this will be undercover in a shed, indoors, in a garage, or in a dedicated wheelie bin storage unit. Even a fenced-off or walled area with no roof will provide more shelter from the elements than standing your wheelie bins out in the open though.
  • Keep them close together – positioning wheelie bins near each other provides extra security rather than having them stand out on the street corner alone. Place them next to your neighbours’ bins if possible. Tying them together also reduces the chance of wheelie bins blowing over but it adds an extra obstacle when they’re being emptied, so avoid this.
  • Place bricks near the wheels – it can be tempting to put rocks or bricks in your wheelie bin or on the lid to add extra weight. However, this presents a safety risk if it falls off and injures someone and the bricks may be accidentally thrown away with your waste. Instead, place a couple of bricks or rocks around the wheels and base of the wheelie bin for extra security, as these can be removed easily.
wheelie bin stood on a street in a strom.

What to do to protect your wheelie bin 
from rain and snow

As well as the wind from a storm blowing over wheelie bins, any rain, hail, and snow can damage the bin and the waste it contains. Rainwater will contaminate recyclable waste, such as cardboard and paper, if it gets into your bin. This can prevent it from being recycled and reused, so protecting wheelie bins from rain is vital.

There are a few things you can do to safeguard your wheelie bins against rain, hail, and snow:

  • Keep it under a roof – securing the lid with a lock is useful but keeping your wheelie bin in a sheltered space under a roof is the best way to protect it from the rain. A shed, garage, or dedicated wheelie bin storage unit are all good options.
  • Use waste bags – storing your waste in bags adds an extra layer of protection when in a wheelie bin. This provides a little bit more of a waterproof layer and means if the bin falls over the rubbish is less likely to blow away.
  • Check for cracks – regularly clean your wheelie bin and look for any cracks or signs of damage where rainwater could get in. Tape these up or request a new wheelie bin to avoid water damage in the future.

How to stop a wheelie bin lid 
and its contents from freezing

A cold snap, snow storms, and icy temperatures can cause wheelie bins to freeze. This makes moving them less fun than usual and may cause the lid to seize shut and the waste to freeze. Some waste collectors may not empty your bins if the rubbish is frozen as it may stay stuck inside or damage the bin.

Do not pour hot water on or in your bin as it may refreeze and make the problem worse. Also avoid using excessive force as frozen plastic may snap easily. Instead, there are a few things you can try to stop a wheelie bin lid and the contents from freezing:

  • Place a piece of cardboard between the bin and its lid to prevent them sticking together if temperatures drop below zero
  • Line the bottom of your recycling bin with cardboard to provide a little extra insulation and warmth
  • Keep your bins in the garage, a shed, or under shelter where possible so they’re out of the snow
  • Move your bin into somewhere that gets direct sunlight during the day to help thaw it out
  • Use a spade to loosen the contents of a garden waste bin as this is more likely to freeze – especially when compacted

Moving your wheelie bins in a storm

Homes and businesses must move their wheelie bins to the agreed pickup point ahead of the collection time. This is often at the curbside for households, on your premises or outside the main gate for businesses. Wind and rain can make moving two and four-wheel bins a lot more challenging.

Normally it’s best to put your wheelie bins out well in advance to ensure they’re emptied and collected. However, in a storm try to take them out as close to the pickup time as possible to minimise the risk of it blowing over. You could place a few bricks near the wheels for extra security.

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five blue wheelie bins in the snow.

How to lock a wheelie bin

Locking a wheelie bin helps prevent theft, damage, and illegal waste dumping. You can also use a wheelie bin lock to secure it to a wall or post. This makes it hard to remove from its location, fighting against theft, and makes it less likely to blow away during a storm.

Any business that disposes of confidential waste should consider locking wheelie bins to avoid the theft of sensitive documents. If your bins are stored in a n exposed area then locks can help reduce the risk of them blowing away. You can buy wheelie bin locks in the UK from specialist online bin shops.

Here’s how to lock a wheelie bin:

  • Attach the wheelie bin lock to the underside of the lid and the main body.
  • Shut and lock the bin then use a key or code to unlock it and access the inside of the bin.
  • Use a bin clamp to secure your wheelie bin to a post or wall.
  • Clamp on one part of the bin clamp to the underside of the bin lid or body.
  • Attach the other part of the clamp to a wall or post and test that it’s secure.

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