Zero Waste to Landfill recognition launched by Carbon Trust

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Businesses awarded new certification for diverting zero waste to landfill successfully

Companies who achieve Zero Waste to Landfill are to be recognised by the The Carbon Trust Standard.

Certification will be given to businesses who strive to redirect their non-hazardous waste away from landfill sites by by recycling, reusing, reducing, or diverting their waste and one such company who has managed to achieve this is ASSA ABLOY the lock manufacturers.

Sustainability manager at ASSA ABLOY, Charles Robinson, said about the certification: “Minimising and ultimately eliminating waste generation across all of our waste streams, where possible, is a real opportunity for us to greatly reduce our environmental impact.”

Mr Robinson also said that Carbon Trust and ASSA ABLOY have the same values and working with them helped the company to achieve their zero to waste targets and the partnership worked perfectly.

Businesses wanting to be recognised by a credible and independent body for their business waste management efforts will benefit from the new certification and the Carbon Trust Standard will provide companies with a framework to recognise such claims.

Over the last year, many large companies across the world have managed to achieve Zero Waste to Landfill, including Ford and Mars.

Unilever have also recently announced that over 600 of its sites based in 70 different countries have managed to achieve Zero Waste to Landfill status, after finding alternative ways to deal with their non-hazardous waste.

The Carbon Trust’s Zero Waste to Landfill certification is the company’s latest development in an effort to push for a low-carbon, resource-productive economy.

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