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Hundreds of homes have been targeted by a gang of hoodlums who embarked on a wheelie bin tipping rampage, leaving the streets strewn with waste.

Burslem Park Estate in Stoke was left littered in rubbish and required a huge 2 day clean up operation by the council which will cost the taxpayers thousands.

Some of the families affected by the onslaught have raised concerns that the perpetrators may have been searching for personal details.

Several streets on the estate were affected including Kelsall Street, Cliff Street and Preston Street.

Jill Bryan, of Kelsall Street, said: “We got the shredder back out last night to make sure it works.

“It does make you more aware.

“You know this sort of thing goes on but I thought it had died down as I haven’t heard any warnings about it recently.”

The disturbance took at approximately midnight on Sunday 16 February, although an exact time has not been ascertained.

Stoke-on-Trent City Councillor, Andy Platt, said: This is an appalling incident that has affected virtually the entire Park Estate community, and one which will cost the city council a great deal of money at a time when our budgets are under enormous pressure.”


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