WRAP unveils its three preferred collection options

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The resources charity has set out three preferred options for UK councils to adopt

The registered resources charity WRAP, has just published its highly anticipated waste collection consistency framework, for councils across the UK.

Head of resource management, Linda Crichton and chief executive, Marcus Gover, launched the new framework this morning (September 13). The 11-page document sets out three preferred options for UK councils to adopt, which they hope will lead to ‘more harmonisation’ within collection systems.

Included in the consistency framework are three recommended collection options; the first of which is a multi-stream recycling collection – with paper, glass, card & plastics, metals & cartons, all collected via three separate containers, second option would be a two-stream collection – with plastics, metals, cartons & glass collected in one container and a separate one for card and paper.

The third option, is a totally co-mingled collection of plastics, cartons, metals, card and glass.

According to WRAP, each of the options should run alongside a separate collection of food waste, as well as one black sack of residual waste, or the equivalent of 120 litres maximum, per week.

The main recyclable items that are eligible for collection include metal cans, pots and plastic bottles, tubs and trays, aerosol containers and foil, glass jars and bottles, card, paper, drink cartons and food waste.

The framework should have been published during the summer and was originally kick-started by Rory Stewart, Defra’s former resources minister, who identified the inconsistency of collections across the country as an area that needed change.

Chief executive of WRAP, Marcus Gover, said about the new framework: “When Defra asked us to investigate the opportunities for greater consistency, we were delighted to lead this and to work with representatives from each stage of the recycling supply chain.”

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