WRAP Cymru report supports separate kerbside recycling

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Government commissioned report claims separate kerbside collections are the most efficient

The Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP) Cymru has released a report claiming that separate kerbside collections are the “the most cost effective approach” for local authorities in Wales.

The report was commissioned by the Welsh Government and argues that kerbside collection for separate dry waste recyclables is more effective than commingled recycling collections and double stream collections.

Report claims source-separated recycling collections are the most efficient method

Separate recycling collections key to reaching recycling targets, says report

For local authorities in Wales to meet the government’s ambitious target of 70% municipal waste recycled by 2025, the WRAP Cymru report says that separate weekly collections for dry recyclables and food waste and a fortnightly collection for general household waste is necessary.

The report specifies that the council-provided wheelie bin for general waste should be 140 litres to encourage better recycling amongst householders.

WRAP Cymru states that introducing a source-separated collection system will result in the largest initial costs, but in the longterm, this type of system will result in the biggest annual savings. Councils can expect to save between £900,000 and £1,300,000 per year.

Following the publishing of the Welsh Government’s Collections Blueprint in 2011, which also supported source-separate collections, many councils in Wales have switched to this waste collection system and the recycling rate in Wales reached an impressive 60% last year.

Carl Nichols, head of WRAP Cymru, commented: “Whilst it must be noted that it may not be feasible for every Authority to make the same savings, our report shows that the potential overall annual savings of adopting the source separated collection method are significant, and that the initial outlay of switching over can be recouped within two years.”

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