Why do we recycle?

You’re probably already throwing paper into a paper bin, used plastic into one for plastic, and you’ve got a bin at home for bottles, jars and tins.

But why do we recycle as much rubbish as we can?

We’re saving the planet’s resources.

There’s only one planet Earth, and once we use up all of its useful resources, they’re gone forever. It’s becoming more difficult and more damaging to exploit some of these resources, so it makes good sense to recycle and reuse as much as possible.

Would you rather cut down more trees to make paper, or recycle old paper into new instead?

Recycling means less environmental damage. We don’t have to mine and quarry for more metals if we recycle old cans.

We’re saving energy (and money).

Making new things from raw resources takes up a lot of energy.

Recycling old materials requires far less energy than building from scratch.

The metal for a drinks can has to be dug from the ground as ore, get transported to a processing plant where it’s turned into useful metals, then taken – probably across the world – to the factory where it becomes the can.
Recycling old cans means we skip all the quarrying and processing, and we end up using just a fraction of the energy. And it’s cheaper, too!

We’re helping to save the environment.

All this mining, quarrying, cutting down trees and transportation pollutes the planet.

By recycling, we’re cutting down on bad greenhouse gasses that scientists agree cause climate change. The British government says that our recycling efforts alone are the equivalent of taking five million cars off the road – and we can still do much better than this.
Recycling also saves the environment in Britain by cutting down on landfill.

Landfill is when we bury rubbish in the ground that can’t be recycled. It can be dangerous, causes pollution of water tables, and we’re running out of space.

By being smarter about recycling, we can cut down on the amount of rubbish be bury in the ground, or burn just to get rid of it.

Recycling is important.

Recycling means we can make new products cheaper. It also means that we cause fewer greenhouse gasses, and millions of tonnes less waste to landfill. By recycling, you’re not just making a difference for future generations, but doing something that is important right now.

Chapters in this book

1.Why do we recycle?
2.Recycling: Some facts and figures
3.Recycling: More facts and figures
4.All about food waste
5.Recycling ideas for schools
6.What’s global warming about?
7.Recycling at home
8.Why we need to stop using landfill
10.What happens to my old TV?
11.What happens to recycled glass?
12.Why can’t we just burn our rubbish?
13.Recycling and environmental ideas for the classroom
14.Things you didn’t know you can recycle
15.Tips for living green
16.Can we get solar power?
17.A with a refuse collector
18.Recycling drink cans
19.Recycling steel cans
20.Paper recycling
21.Fun recycling facts for kids
22.Facts about landfill
23.How to reduce waste in Schools