What Are the Advantages of Glass Recycling?

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Recycling is a major part of our lives nowadays. Many people can recall the days when we didn’t recycle anything. Everything would be placed in black bin liners and left out to be collected at the kerb.

Today, glass recycling takes place all over the country, and it brings with it many benefits, both for businesses and consumers. How many are you aware of?

All glass can easily be recycled

Glass jars and bottles can all be completely recycled, with no waste parts left. Brown, green, and clear glass can easily be separated for collecting to be melted down and used again.

There is no limit to how many times it can be recycled

Some items can be recycled, but they may begin to break down after a while. There may be a limit on how many times the recycling process can be used. That’s not the case with glass. Use it, wash it, melt it down, create new glass, use it again… and so the cycle continues.

Recycling glass saves energy

Making glass bottles and jars always takes energy. Yet far less of it is used when you are recycling existing bottles and jars instead of making them from scratch. Millions of tons of glass are recycled every year, purchased by companies to be melted and made into new glass products.

Energy is saved in another way, too. Melting existing glass can be done at a far lower temperature than you’d need to melt the raw materials to make glass.

It’s easier to recycle than to make it from new

It is possible to buy the raw materials required to make new glass. However, it is a more complex process for many companies to complete when compared with melting and reusing existing glass items. That’s why recycling glass makes good sense.

It’s great for the environment

It has been estimated it could take a million years for a glass bottle to break down. Glass bottles and jars sent to landfill take up unnecessary space, lead to wasted energy, and mean these products cannot be recycled. Yet glass is one of the easiest products to recycle, thanks to its components and the ease with which it can be done.

Most glass products contain a huge percentage of recycled glass. Fortunately, it is easy for us all to do our bit to increase that percentage still further.

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