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What are secure destruction services?

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Increasingly, companies are demanding services in which they can ensure that their waste is securely and thoroughly disposed of. This may be because of a number of factors, often linked to ensuring that the reputation of a company, business or corporation remains intact.

Other reasons may include a need to ensure that potentially hazardous wastes are confined to a single site and that all procedures are properly carried out and all refuse can be properly audited through from beginning to end.

Companies that demand these services are varied, and scure destruction sites around the UK ensure that commercially confidential waste is dealt with properly and within the scope of local laws and regulations. These services guarantee the destruction of a wide variety of goods and products from confidential data to out of date produce.

secure destruction service

This being the case, supermarkets are major customers of secure destruction. This is because much of the produce that they send for such services includes out of date or damaged goods bearing their brand name, and it could be embarrassing for their reputation if these goods were taken from landfill or an unsecured site to be resold in a market or car boot sale by unscrupulous trader. This is a major concern, especially with perishables, where items were openly sold by traders in large amounts at such events.

Other major customers for secure disposal and destruction services are breweries (for obvious reasons, more or less in line with the view of supermarkets); pharmaceutical companies concerned that unwanted drugs should not fall into the wrong hands; food and drink manufacturers; and HM Revenue and Customs, who require confidential and reliable services to destroy seized goods such as contraband cigarettes, non-duty paid alcohol, and forged copyright material .

With the black market in forged or stolen branded goods worth hundred of millions of pounds in the UK alone, it is no surprise that these services are much in demand.

Of course, while the destruction is 100% secure under CCTV cameras, care is still taken to ensure it complies to standing waste disposal regulations. Packing is reclaimed and recycled, and where possible, once the product’s identity is removed, can be put to other uses such as energy recovery.

It’s a fact of life that these processes are required, but it ensures the recycling industry remains free of crime and 100% reliable.

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