Welsh Government joins Rhondda council for mattress recycling project

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Competition launched for the development of a mattress recycling solution

The Welsh Government has offered funding to the tune of £350,000 to help develop a sterilisation method for mattress textiles.

Rhondda Cynon Taf council and the UK’s innovation agency, Innovate UK, are both working with the Welsh Government to find an “economically and environmentally sustainable” method for the recycling of old and unwanted mattresses.

A competition has been launched and bidding parties are asked to record their interest in the available £350,000 fund. To read more about the Create Value from Waste Mattress Textiles’ competition and to apply for participation, follow this link.

Welsh Government offers £350,000 fund towards textile recycling solution for old mattresses

Welsh Government to fund mattress textile recycling project

Rhonda council has already developed a method for separating the materials found in mattresses, with the steel springs being sent for recycling. However, the textiles and foam have created a unique problem, as there is no market for these types of contaminated materials.

For this reason, the three partners are looking to fund the development of a solution which will result in the recycling of “at least 75%” of mattress textiles.

According to the brief, the sterilisation process should involve heat waste from a waste treatment facility. The heat waste will be recovered and used to heat water to up to 90 degrees celsius; the mattress textiles will then be sterilised in this water.

The idea is to create material value from the process and to divert textile waste from landfill and incinerators. Successful entrants will be asked to showcase their method at Bryn Pica waste management facility.

The cabinet secretary for Environment and Rural Affairs, Lesley Griffiths, commented: “I am pleased we are supporting this innovative recycling project and competition. If successful, the project will see an increase in market demand for waste mattress textiles, a market which is severely underdeveloped in Wales and the UK.”

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