WasteAid UK launches Christmas jumper recycling scheme

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Brits encouraged to donate their old Christmas jumpers to raise money for WasteAid

Waste charity campaigner WasteAid UK has set up a fundraiser for the festive season to help people raise money for its charity work, whilst also doing a good deed for the environment and receiving a Christmas gift in exchange.

According to Zoë Lenkiewicz of WasteAid, the clothing campaigner Love Your Clothes found that up to 10 million British consumers spent almost £300 million on Christmas jumpers last year and 40% of these individuals will wear their festive investment just once or twice before shoving it to the back or the wardrobe or throwing it out.

Ms Lenkiewicz said: “At WasteAid we thought some of that money could be better spent helping tackle the global waste crisis, so we’ve launched the Happy Christmas Jumper Swap.”

If you have an old Christmas jumper, why not spread the joy and donate it to the WasteAid fundraiser. What must you do, you ask…?

You simply email a photo of your old Christmas jumper to [email protected], who will reply to your generous donation and post the picture on its fundraiser website.

Along comes someone in need of a Christmas jumper. They find your perfect specimen on WasteAid’s website and pay £10, which is then used by WasteAid UK to help improve waste and recycling conditions in communities throughout developing countries.

WasteAid send you the delivery details of the purchaser and the exchange is made!

Mike Webster of WasteAid UK commented: “Running for just over a year, we have worked with partners in nine countries, developed 34 community recycling facilities, trained 363 recycling entrepreneurs and positively impacted the lives of 124,000 people.”

The charity is in need of additional funds to carry on its important work across the world and to build partnerships with organisations in developing countries which rely on the goodwill of first-world countries to help improve living conditions and reduce the environmental impact of waste.

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