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Business Waste offer a comprehensive service of waste management in the Scottish border area, including regular collection of waste and a high level of customer service for local businesses.

Scottish Borders Waste Management

The Scottish border towns and surrounding countryside have a reputation for their natural beauty. It is the services of companies like Business Waste which keep the countryside and the urban areas which it contains, litter free. Towns like Melrose and Eyemouth rely on friendly and effective waste management solutions from companies like Business Waste to dispose of their waste and keep the streets that surround their businesses clean and tidy.

You might be familiar with such attractions as the yearly Herring Queen Festival in Eyemouth. It is a day on which the town comes together to celebrate it’s history and look to the future. But it would be a dispiriting affair for all involved if there wasn’t a waste management program in place to keep the streets clean and ensure that all the festival goers continue to want to return year after year.

Similarly, the town of Peebles has been ranked by the New Economics Foundation as the best town in Scotland for a range of independent shops and ‘home town identity’. This accolade would hardly have been possible without the attention to good waste management provided by organisations like Business Waste. The town’s four major annual festivals- Beltane Festival, Peebles Arts Festival, Tweedlove Bike Festival and Imaginarium are likewise dependent on the good waste management practices of responsible companies like us.

Particularly for businesses experiencing periods of rapid growth, the problem of waste management can have a drastic impact on how they operate their businesses. If rubbish begins to pile up, potential customers can be put off from visiting your offices or shops and it can lead to a rapid downward spiral. Fortunately, Business Waste is in a position to tackle this issue head on with it’s large collection of waste management vehicles and experienced staff.

One of 32 council areas in Scotland, the Scottish Borders lies in close proximity to the Scottish capital Edinburgh and the north-eastern English city of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, making it a popular choice for commuters and businesses alike. While largely rural, the area contains the towns of Galashiels, Hawick, Peebles and Selkirk, all of which have a rich history when it comes to textiles and manufacturing. In total, the Scottish Borders has a population of approximately 118,000 people, putting it around halfway down the list of Scottish council areas. Business hotspots within the Scottish Borders include Channel Street, the major thoroughfare in Galashiels, and various knitwear manufacturers in Hawick, including Pringle and Johnston’s of Elgin.

The Scottish Borders encompasses a relatively large area – it’s larger in size than the English county of Lancashire – and, as you’d expect, there a variety of business recycling needs waiting to be fulfilled. Whether you’re one of Hawick’s famous knitwear companies, or you run one of the many independent shops in Peebles, you need a professional waste management company you can rely on. At Business Waste Ltd, we help businesses throughout the UK to collect and dispose of their waste in an environmentally-friendly manner. We collect all types of waste and offer free wheelie bins, so if you’re in Galashiels or Selkirk and you’re in need of a helping hand, give us a call.

Please note: We’re unable to offer household waste collection or tipping services. Please see the residential waste hub section at the bottom of this page for help with this.

Waste Collection Scottish Borders

Business Waste offers commercial waste services for business and commercial organisations throughout the Scottish Borders area.

Waste disposal Scottish Borders

nfortunately, not all types of waste can be recycled, but if you are a business located in the Scottish border towns there are many types of trade waste which we will recycle. These include paper and cardboard, bricks, wood, building materials, green waste, soil and various forms of plastic which can be separated into 7 different categories: HDPE (milk bottles), LDPE (supermarket shopping bags), PET (drinks bottles), PP (butter containers), PS (takeaway packaging), PVC (cling film) and other different types.

Waste collections Scottish Borders

If you are a business located in one of the Scottish border towns and need help with your waste, Business Waste can help. We have a reputation for delivering not only a friendly, but also a thorough and professional service to our clients. We will provide the correct wheelie bins and skips, and then take away and dispose of your waste at a time which suits you. This sets us apart from some other organisations who insist on collecting your waste at set times. It is our flexibility which is one of our greatest strengths and we have built a solid relationship with many businesses in the area.

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Scottish Borders Home Waste Stats

Scottish Borders residential waste hub

Sorry, Business Waste does not currently offer household collections in your area.

Recycle centres

Your nearest recycle centres in Scottish Borders can be found at the following locations:

Hawick community recycling centre
Mansfield Road,
55.54856969999999 -2.7861388000000034
Galashiels Community Recycling Centre
Langshaw Road,
Easter Langlee,
55.43090590000001 -2.772446500000001
Eyemouth community recycling centre
Gunsgreenhill Industrial Estate,
TD14 5SF
55.61708179999999 -2.7621160999999574

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How do I report a missing home bin collection?

Your local council provide your household bin collections and you can contact them via their website which can be found here.

Please note Business Waste do NOT provide your household bin collection

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