Cardboard Recycling London

Cardboard recycling is an easy way to do your part for the planet and reach 0% to landfill with the help of other recycling options. Businesses in 2020 are recycling in increasing numbers to ensure they keep up their corporate social responsibility and please the environmentally conscious public.

We can collect and manage all of your cardboard waste, and we’re available 24/7. Cardboard is great to recycle as it is easy to break down and reconstitute into new cardboard. This process involves submerging the fibres in water and chemicals to recreate the pulp and then reforming it. As it is a versatile material, cardboard can be recycled many times over. However, the fibres shorten each time, meaning it eventually can’t be recovered any further.

Recycling is easy; different grades of cardboard can be recycled together as long as the total contents are kept clean and dry. Oils prevent the cardboard from being recycled as it binds to the cardboard fibres and stops the water and chemicals from turning it into pulp, creating holes in new cardboard products.

Corrugated cardboard should be recycled separately to single sheet cardboard and paper, which can usually go together because they will be made into different products once they reach the recycling centre.

In London, only around a third (34 per cent) of the capital’s household waste is recycled, well below the national average of 43 per cent. The low level of household recycling is all the more reason to take the lead and proudly show that your business recycles.

Cardboard collection London

Recycling a tonne of cardboard means 25 trees and 7,000 gallons of water are saved, and we make it easier than ever. We collect and manage cardboard recycling for businesses in London and offer flexible collections – Making it easier for you to do your part and help save the planet. Call us today for a great quote on cardboard recycling.

Cardboard Bins London

We can provide you with free bins for collection, so you only have to pay for the collections. We have extensive coverage over London, and busy routes, meaning we’re more flexible than our competitors. For this reason, we can also offer great quotes to meet your business’s needs. We offer a broad range of bins, including 240 L cardboard bin, 360 L cardboard bin, 660 L cardboard bin, and 1100 L cardboard bins. We also offer even bigger sizes and skips if you need it. Why not call us today on 0800 211 8390, and one of our friendly team members will be happy to assist you in finding your ideal waste solution.

Did you know?

Recycling became commonplace during the Second World War when households were asked to separate their garbage so that the majority of it it could be reused to make ammunition, other military products and feed the pigs.

84% of all corrugated cardboard is recycled in the UK, and by weight, 70 per cent of what comes to Bywaters’ East London recycling centre is paper or cardboard.

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