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We provide Waste Management, Waste Collection and Recycling services throughout London – helping all businesses and organisations streamline their waste processes.

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Waste Management Companies London

If you are a business trading in London we’re a national commercial waste services company that provides low-cost trade waste services throughout your area.

Call now on 0800 211 8390 and let us show you how much you can save on all types of refuse including confidential waste, industrial waste, and catering waste. Whatever your organisation’s needs, we can help you reduce landfills, increase recycling levels, and save your business money.

London is the biggest city in Britain and Europe and is the capital of England. It is the hub of opportunity; generating a great deal of business and tourism. The area covers approximately 620 square miles and has a population of over 8 million residents.

With so many businesses, visitors, residents, and commuters making use of popular destinations and attractions within the city – such as Buckingham Palace, Covent Garden, Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament, Camden Market, Trafalgar Square, and Piccadilly Circus – there’s an important issue that needs to be addressed.

Despite the large pull to visit or work within this picturesque and thriving city, waste management is a huge topic that needs to be considered.

It has been reported that the amount of waste that the area currently disposes of could power a whopping 2 million homes. The majority of this waste is either dumped into landfill or incinerated, currently causing a great deal of damage to the environment. The current methods of disposal and recycling are expected to be hotly debated in 2017, due to the rapid growth of the population and the decline of public funding, leading to waste becoming an even greater problem.

How we can help

We can assist with your business waste management by collecting and disposing of your waste in the correct manner. For most businesses, the disposal of waste can be a time-consuming inconvenience. Yet the number of businesses in London who ignore the way their waste is managed causes an environmental impact that needs to be resolved. Take the responsibility out of your hands and allow us to assist you. Not only will you make significant financial savings, but you will also be doing your bit for the environment.

How we can help with London Recycling

We are one of the UK’s cheapest and most reliable waste management companies, which means we provide excellent local services at brilliant prices, whatever your company needs. All this just one phone call away.

Contact us today for:

  •     Regular and reliable waste services throughout all London districts
  •     Regular bin collections for glass, paper, catering waste, toxic waste
  •     Specialist waste and recycling services for all types of business

Please note: We’re unable to offer household waste collection or tipping services. Please see the residential waste hub section at the bottom of this page for help with this.

Waste Collection London

Business Waste offers commercial waste services for business and commercial organisations throughout the London area.

Waste disposal London

After collection, our transport teams will dispose of your waste legally and in the most effective way. Having the time and knowledge for one of your employees to fulfill this role can be a difficult task to manage. By hiring an expert company such as us, you can have the peace of mind that your waste has been managed by a professional and reliable company. Often, we can recycle most waste types, which is of great benefit to the environment, especially in a city such as London.

If you would like any further information on London waste management, commercial waste, and recycling bins, please contact us today.

Waste collections London

If you are interested in managing your recycling effectively and helping to conserve the environment for future generations, we can provide a service to collect your waste and dispose of it. If your business is located in a built-up city such as London, it can be difficult to know where and how to dispose of your waste in the correct way. Despite where you are located, we have a large network of transport teams who can fulfil these duties for you. One of the benefits of having local teams means that less petrol is used, equating to a much cheaper collection service for you and less impact on the environment.

Regardless of the waste, you need to dispose of, we can collect it – including clinical and hazardous waste.

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London Business Waste Stats

No: of Businesses 900k
No: of Bins 1.6 Million
No: of Daily Collections 3 Million +

London Home Waste Stats

Average Household Waste 520 KG
Amount Recycled 43%
No: of Bins 1 Million +

London residential waste hub

Sorry, Business Waste does not currently offer household collections in your area.

Recycle centres

Your nearest recycle centres in London can be found at the following locations:

Tower Hamlets Re-use & Recycling Centre
Yabsley Street,
E14 9RG
51.5073509 -0.12775829999998223
Regis Road Recycling Centre
Regis Rd,
Regis Rd,
51.5051851 -0.006024900000056732
Western Road Reuse & Recycling Centre
Western Road,
Wood Green,
N22 6UG
51.5506022 -0.14497610000000805
Lambeth Household Recycling Centre
West Norwood,
West Norwood,
SE27 9BD
51.592333 -0.11375269999996362

FAQ and help

How to report a missed collection in London

You can visit the .gov website and simply type in your postcode and be directed to your local council and then report your missed bin collection online.

Do the recycling centres collect waste?

No they do not

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