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Business Waste provides a comprehensive service for waste management in Lancashire which allows companies to dispose of their waste on a schedule that suits them. We can provide help and systems to ensure that waste is kept to a minimum, with a final goal of using zero landfill space in the years to come. We are also able to help with recycling, hazardous waste, trade waste and skip hire, so that there is an ideal solution for every company. Companies get an education on how to best manage their waste output, and are able to market themselves as more environmentally conscious as a company, which is a great boost with clients and customers.

Lancashire Waste Management

Lancashire is a county with a population of 1,478,000, meaning that there is a large population and a more pressing need for appropriate waste management and laws within it. Lancashire is broken up into boroughs, with Preston as its centre for administrative processes and Lancaster as its county town. It is important that these boroughs work together to continue to improve the economy and growth of the county, and this is something that they are doing in all areas.

Whilst Lancashire was a major centre for industry and commerce from the dawn of the Industrial Revolution and throughout the 19th Century, major cities Manchester and Liverpool broke off in 1974 when there was a huge boundary shift, and this has changed in more recent years. Lancashire boasts a number of major businesses, mainly in the manufacturing and building industries. The largest private sector in the area is the defence industry and nuclear power is a strong economic driving force as well.

With the county doing well in terms of industry and a new funding programme (The Lancashire Enterprise Partnership) set to bring in 17,000 new homes and 20,000 new jobs, dealing with the waste that these businesses and homes create is critical.

Please note: We’re unable to offer household waste collection or tipping services. Please see the residential waste hub section at the bottom of this page for help with this.

Waste Collection Lancashire

Business Waste offers commercial waste services for business and commercial organisations throughout the Lancashire area.

Waste disposal Lancashire

The 2015/16 statistics for recycling in Lancashire was 51.5%, ahead of the 46.1% for the North West as a whole. The various Lancashire boroughs are currently working together to ensure that recycling stays present in the minds of their residents and that local targets, such as recycling 61% of all waste by 2020, are being reached. Business Waste promotes a zero waste to landfill policy and will visit your company to discuss your needs and waste management options. We can help you to recycle better, providing different bins to allow recyclables to be separated from other waste, reducing your carbon footprint and improving your reputation in your community.

Waste collections Lancashire

The percentage of municipal waste sent to landfill for Lancashire in 2015/16 was 30%, a great improvement on previous years. This is why our zero waste to landfill policy is a useful policy for your business to follow, in order to maintain good standing in the local area. Lancashire district councils set their own collection days, with little room for flexibility, but with Business Waste you can arrange your own collections and waste disposal routine to suit the needs of the company. You will receive an in-house assessment and be provided a bin as well as a schedule to help you to manage your own time and employees.

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Lancashire Business Waste Stats

Number of SME's 48790
Number of Bins 73185
Number of Collections per week 182963

Lancashire Home Waste Stats

Total Household Waste 133811
Household Waste Recycled 35509

Lancashire residential waste hub

Sorry, Business Waste does not currently offer household collections in your area.

Recycle centres

Your nearest recycle centres in Lancashire can be found at the following locations:

Fleetwood Jameson Road
53.7632254 -2.7044051999999965
Barnoldswick West Close Road
BB18 5EN
53.9033964 -3.02066149999996
Altham (Whinney Hill) recycling centre
Whinney Hill Road,
53.9212494 -2.188650100000018

FAQ and help

The best way to contact your local council is to visit their website as you can complete all common tasks like missed bin complaints and find information out about your recycling. You can find the website here

The best way to contact your local council is to visit their website as you can complete all common tasks like missed bin complaints and find information out about your recycling.

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