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Waste management

Business Waste is a UK-based commercial waste management and collection company offering professional low-cost services to businesses in Exmouth and the surrounding areas.

We collect all types of waste on a daily basis to ensure that businesses in Exmouth can comply with the regulations around duty of care with any unnecessary hassle.  We offer the lowest rates we possible can to our clients and collect all sorts of waste ranging from medical waste to toxic waste and e-waste from the businesses we serve.  What’s more we aim to be 100% environmentally friendly and that is why we operate a 0% landfill policy on the commercial waste we collect.

Exmouth is one of the most popular seaside towns of Devon, attracting thousands of tourists each year for its glorious beaches and busy camping resorts like Devon Cliffs Holiday Park and Saint Johns Farm. Situated on the east bank of the mouth of the River Exe, the town has a population of 34,432, making Exmouth the fifth most populous settlement in Devon. But beyond its status as a holiday hotspot, the bustling town is home to huge employers such as Devon and Somerset Fire, Exmouth Hospital, Thomson Reuters and Exmouth Community College. And with each business comes a growing responsibility to safely get rid of waste in an environmentally friendly way.

Business Waste understands the perks and pitfalls of recycling and managing overspill in a rural location like Exmouth. If you’re fed up of ferrying items from your business up to the Knowle Hill Recycling Centre on Salterton Road or you just want someone to help you achieve a recycling goal to keep up with other businesses at Exmouth’s Chamber of Commerce, our 24/7 customer care team will be there to help. Within an hour of calling us, a representative will draw up a free quote to show how we can save you on your waste management.

Call us today on 0800 211 8390 to find out how Business Waste could help you deal with your commercial waste disposal needs.

  • Local
  • Regular reliable collections
  • Free bins provided
  • Low cost collections
  • Trust worthy
  • We always aim for zero landfill
  • Save 20% on your current costs

Waste Collection Exmouth

Business Waste offers commercial waste, disposal, collection and recycling services throughout the Exmouth area.

Waste Disposal Exmouth

We have vast experience in the commercial waste collection and management industry and that is why we are able to provide you with an exceptionally cost-effective, professional and reliable service.  We specialise in affordable waste solutions for businesses across Exmouth and pride ourselves on the 100% customer satisfaction we achieve.  Just call our office today and we’ll give you a free no-obligation quote on our services.

Waste Collections Exmouth

We strive to make waste collection as simple as it possibly can be for the businesses we serve.  We collect all types of waste and we do so on a daily basis.  We can collect from commercial wheelie bins, and we can also collect from larger containers for more specialist requirements. We also assign a dedicated account manager to all our clients to make sure that they are happy with the service they receive and that service standards remain high.

How we can help with Exmouth Recycling

Call our office today for free expert advice on the services that we can offer your business including:

  • Regular and reliable commercial waste collection
  • Free bin provision
  • Services for all businesses
  • Specialist waste management services
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