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Waste management in Coventry may not be something that you’ve thought about before. Your waste is collected and whisked away for someone else to deal with. But do you know how much waste your business is producing and how much your waste is costing you each day, week or fortnight?

As metropolitan borough in the West Midlands, Coventry has a population of approximately 350,000. The average home in Coventry produces a tonne of waste each year. Businesses have far more waste to deal with – everything from food waste to piles of paper, and from general waste to plastic, wood and old furniture.

Most of this waste stays in Coventry for some time, where it’s dealt with at various locations including Bar Road. The waste disposal trucks make more than a million collections from properties in the city each month, with more than 200,000 tonnes of rubbish being processed each year.

Coventry’s businesses range from large stores such as IKEA to hospitals, factories, the Walkers Distribution Centre and the Coventry Building Society. Each and every business has a different waste disposal requirement. Whilst hospitals might have sharps, hazardous waste and clinical waste, IKEA might have broken furniture and the Coventry Building Society might have reams of paper with confidential details.

Your business waste is kept until it can be processed. In this case, being processed means sorted for recyclcing..

How we can help

As you run your business, you want to know that your waste is being managed effectively. You want to fulfil your responsibilities and play your part in taking care of the environment. You also want to know that your waste isn’t on site, and that it’s removed by professionals. It’s important for health, safety and the image of your business.

We can provide a free bin as part of our waste management service. With Business Waste, you can be sure that your waste is removed from site and is processed and recycled as it should be. We’re reliable and can take care of all types of business waste.

We supply the Waste Transfer Note, which is a legal requirement for businesses.

All businesses produce waste. Help to make Coventry a greener and more beautiful city by using a Business Waste solution.

Please note: We’re unable to offer household waste collection or tipping services. Please see the residential waste hub section at the bottom of this page for help with this.

Waste Collection Coventry

Business Waste offers commercial waste services for business and commercial organisations throughout the Coventry area.

Waste disposal Coventry

We recycle as much as possible. Currently, roughly 25% of all waste in Coventry is being recycled and put to good use. Meanwhile, roughly 30% of all waste is recyclable paper and card. Here at Business Waste we believe that more can be done. You might agree that this is an important responsibility for all businesses, and that your waste should be recycled without any risk to your business security.

Waste collections Coventry

We can provide a quote for your business waste collections within an hour. We also provide a free bin, so that you don’t have to think about the process. You set our schedule according to how much waste your business produces. Then, we can visit your business in any part of Coventry from Cannon Park and the University of Warwick to the Ricoh Arena or Coventry Airport.

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Recycle centres

Your nearest recycle centres in Coventry can be found at the following locations:

Bar Road
off London Road,
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FAQ and help

Where can I find out information about my home bin?

You can find out anything and everything about your home rubbish collections and recycle bins, by visiting the Coventry council website

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