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Bury is the largest town within its administrative borough, with an estimated population of 78,723 people as of 2015. Recent decades have seen Bury develop into a vital commuter town for nearby Manchester. Large scale housing developments have taken place, seeing the population grow steadily. Strong transport connections such as the Metrolink rapid transit system and the M66 motorway mean it is well connected to neighbouring towns and cities, and the UK as a whole.

A major mill town producing textiles during the Industrial Revolution, Bury is now famous for its bustling open air market, a 13th century castle and various fine sculptures and other pieces of public art contributing to its rich cultural life. One of the town’s most notable business success stories is the Bury Town Black Pudding Co., which supplies Black Pudding to Harrods and major supermarkets.

A dedicated effort is underway to improve waste management in Bury. Since 2010, Bury Council has followed a Zero Waste Strategy with the aim of maximising the amount of waste that is recycled. As of 2014, 47.6% of bin waste in Bury was recycled, the third highest rate of recycling in the Greater Manchester Area. Nevertheless, Bury still ranked just 172 out of 352 British towns and cities for recycling. EU targets state that by 2020, member states should have reached a national level of 50% recycling and the town’s business waste management practices are key to achieving this goal.

With its strong links to Greater Manchester, people can sometimes overlook the fact that Bury is most definitely a thriving place in its own right.

Encompassing the towns of Bury, Prestwich, Radcliffe, Ramsbottom, Tottington and Whitefield, the borough of Bury has a rich mix of commerce, industry, culture and rural heritage.

Like many north west towns, Bury has reinvented itself since the demise of the UK textile industry and the shutting of the town mills. The removal of the mills and their chimneys have changed the skyline and left room to modernise and revitalise the town. A great example of this is the £350m shopping area opened in 2010 – The Rock.

As well as being a popular shopping area, Bury has a thriving evening and night time culture. The Council has a robust economic strategy to embrace its popularity as a place to eat, drink and socialise. Bury Town Centre gained Purple Flag status in both 2015 and 2016 – the first and only town centre in Greater Manchester to achieve this award. Purple Flag status acknowledges town and city centres that show excellence in managing their night time economy, providing entertainment in a diverse, safe and enjoyable environment.

It is quite certain that one of Bury’s most famous “sons” would greatly approve of its record for providing a safe place to visit. Sir Robert Peel – a British Prime Minister who originated from Bury – founded the Metropolitan Police, the forerunner of the modern police service. It’s why police officers at one time were referred to as “Peelers”. There is a Peel Memorial outside Bury parish church, and the Peel Monument stands proudly on Holcombe Hill, overlooking the borough.

Though it is moving with the times, and nurturing new business development, Bury is proud of its heritage too. Its traditional “World Famous” market still draws visitors from throughout the North of England. Its most famous export, Black Pudding can be found in shops around the UK, including London’s iconic Harrods.

Bury is also home to the East Lancashire Railway. At one time this formed the backbone of the industry in the region, connecting mill towns to trading centres and therefore forming the start of journeys around the world. Steam trains still run along the tracks, but now it is visitors from throughout the UK who ride the railway, rather than textiles.

So, how can Bury’s abundant bars, restaurants, retailers and manufacturers keep pace with the mountain of waste produced each week? How do Bury businesses stay ahead of the stringent legislation on both waste management and recycling?

The answer is to ensure that general, commercial and specialist waste, are all disposed of by a company with a track record for cost effective services – Business Waste Bury.

How we can help Bury businesses

Business Waste can provide organisations of all types and sizes with modern, hygienic bins to suit their own particular requirements.

Collections can be arranged to suit the working day, minimising disruption, ensuring discretion and efficiency, and disposing of commercial waste as often as required.

The flexible and responsive services provided by Business Waste also include skip hire and waste audits.

To ensure Bury businesses stay well within the law, all waste collection and recycling carried out is carefully documented, trackable and accountable. However, there is a keen eye on keeping costs down to, so Bury’s bars, restaurants, businesses, schools and other organisations can manage trade waste within budget.

Please note: We’re unable to offer household waste collection or tipping services. Please see the residential waste hub section at the bottom of this page for help with this.

Waste Collection Bury

Business Waste offers commercial waste services for business and commercial organisations throughout the Bury area.

Waste disposal Bury

Business Waste Bury offers organisations in the borough a full advice and management service, helping them to dispose of waste with the maximum possible commitment to recycling. Due to the fact Bury Council aims to recycle 60+ per cent of its waste per year, our waste management service also includes providing appropriate bins, and re-purposing a wide range of materials in our modern, efficient recycling facilities

Business Waste offers reliable business recycling solutions for Bury. Our in-depth local knowledge means we know the right recycling centres to take your waste. As well as letting you contribute towards protecting the environment, recycling can save businesses hundred of pounds each year in landfill tax rates.

Bury has two main local recycling centres, at Cemetery Road in Radcliffe and Every Street in Fernhill. We know exactly what can be recycled at each centre and plan our collections with that in mind. Business Waste aims for zero landfill; that means even if your trade waste can’t be processed at one of Bury’s local centres, we know the best place to take it for recycling.

We know that every business has its own unique waste disposal and recycling needs. We use locally based recycling services, giving you the best possible efficiency. Depending on your business’ needs, we can supply you with free recycling bins for specific categories of recyclable waste.

This will all be decided after Business Waste performs a free waste audit at your business.

Waste collections Bury

Each Bury business is given individual help and support to deal with waste disposal in a way that suits them, and the type of commercial waste they produce. Business Waste doesn’t believe “one size fits all” and we can vary our collections and services around the Borough of Bury to deal specifically and carefully with all types of waste from food to clinical

We take care of all different kinds of trade waste. Business Waste can deal with everything from standard waste bin collections to bigger, more complex collections involving different types of containers spread across different locations.

Business Waste collections are handled by our local teams, people who know the Bury and Greater Manchester area well. This means we can offer the lowest prices for your trade waste collection and disposal needs, while also delivering the speed, efficiency and friendliness that comes with local knowledge.

We offer a range of commercial wheelie bins, or skips and larger containers for larger items. Bury is a thriving town with a variety of different businesses. Business Waste’s range of collections, waste disposal and recycling solutions mean we can help deal with the waste management needs of the town’s businesses.

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Your nearest recycle centres in Bury can be found at the following locations:

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To contact Bury council about anything regarding your home rubbish collection including missed collections, opening times for the tips and more. You must visit their website which is found in google.

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