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Bromley is a sprawling suburban town situated in Greater London. With over 70,000 residents and a popular retail centre, the town of Bromley is an important area that feeds into the metropolis of the UK capital.

The European Union has imposed a green target of 50% of all waste to be recycled in the UK by 2020. Currently, the UK recycles around 44% of all waste produced. Of all recyclable and reusable waste produced in the UK, a staggering 23% is still sent to landfill. With landfill facilities becoming increasingly scarce the focus is on the UK to use environmentally friendly alternative waste managements solutions.

In recent years, the town of Bromley has recycled around 44% of all waste produced but is continuing to send an average of 33% of waste to landfill. Whilst the local council of Bromley has launched various campaigns to encourage residents to use eco-friendly waste management alternatives on a daily basis, it is important that business and commercial organisations are actively playing their part in a green future.

The Environmental Protection Act of 1990 provides a duty of care for all businesses in the UK to keep a clean premises. Businesses and commercial organisations are to remove all waste with as little affect on the environment as possible. It is important that businesses and commercial organisations within the Bromley area put in place a cost effective waste management system to comply with their duty of care.

How can Business Waste Ltd help you and your business?

At Business Waste Ltd, we understand how hard it can be to run a successful business, and stay on top of managing your business waste in an environmentally friendly manner. We know that when it comes to waste management time is money. We provide a wide range of business waste management solutions that deal with all forms of waste. We currently collect, organise and dispose of all forms of waste from business sectors including: catering, pharmaceutical, building and construction, office and confidential. We operate a professional service within the Bromley area to help save you and your business time and money.

Please note: We’re unable to offer household waste collection or tipping services. Please see the residential waste hub section at the bottom of this page for help with this.

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Business Waste offers commercial waste services for business and commercial organisations throughout the Bromley area.

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With so many different types of materials that can be recycled it can be difficult to organise your business waste quickly and efficiently. From cardboard packaging and plastic cartons to kitchen appliances and printer cartridges, our team of experts know what can and cannot be recycled and reused. We are able to organise your business waste to maximise the amount of recyclables you produce.

Recent surveys have shown that businesses who actively take part in using environmentally friendly waste management alternatives are likely to have a higher reputation than businesses who don’t. We can even arrange for smaller recycling bins to be used by your customers and staff, enabling them to feel satisfied that they have helped reduced their carbon footprint through your support.

In such a densely populated area such as Bromley, it is vital that businesses recycle as much waste as possible so that the area continues to thrive and businesses continue to succeed.

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We employ a Bromley based team of experts who have extensive local knowledge and understanding. This allows us to provide a consistently reliable and quick service to all of our clients. We understand it can be hard to adhere to collection times and we work around you and your business to accommodate your commercial waste requirements.

We offer a variety of collection services from regular wheelie bins emptying and industrial skip collections to more complex toxic waste collections. Once your waste is collected, we organise it into recyclables and non recyclables and dispose of the waste using local recycling and reuse centres in Bromley. We can even offer you a tracking service so that you can keep a record of what waste your business has produced and how much of it is recycled. At Business Waste Ltd, we operate a zero waste policy and aim to reuse and recycle all of your business waste to help you to support a greener future for the Bromley area.

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Recycle centres

Your nearest recycle centres in Bromley can be found at the following locations:

Churchfields Road Reuse and Recycling centre
Churchfields Road,
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Waldo Road Reuse and Recycling Centre
Waldo Road,
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Where can I find out about my household rubbish collections?

On the Bromley council website you can rebook missed collections and find out all things relating to your home bin collections.

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