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The Lancashire town of Blackburn is a vibrant hub of energy and thriving businesses. Blackburn boasts several excellent art and entertainment centres which puts it on the map as a cultural and creative centre. The town of Blackburn is also rich in interesting heritage and history noted by landmarks such as the Blackburn Cathedral and Turton Tower. It is vital that the town of Blackburn is kept clean so that it can be continued to be enjoyed by all.

The European Union has imposed a target of 50% of all waste to be recycled within the UK by 2020. The UK currently recycles around 44%, and over 20% of all waste produced that can be recycled is still disposed of in landfill. With landfill facilities becoming scarce it is vital that businesses and commercial organisations focus on recycling all if not most of their waste.

Alongside the UK green movement, Blackburn Council has been working to improve the percentage of waste recycled within the area. A recent report has shown that around 36% of all waste is now recycled or reused within the Blackburn area. Business Waste Ltd understand the demand for efficient business waste management services within the Blackburn area and offers a wide range of solutions to help businesses keep Blackburn clean.

How can Business Waste Ltd help you and your business?

We offer a variety of business waste management solutions to help businesses deal with all forms of waste. Currently we help clients deal with trade and commercial waste in various industries, including: office and confidential waste; catering; pharmaceuticals; building and construction.

We use a Blackburn based team who have outstanding local knowledge to enable us to provide you and your business with a consistently quick and reliable service.

Please note: We’re unable to offer household waste collection or tipping services. Please see the residential waste hub section at the bottom of this page for help with this.

Waste Collection Blackburn

Business Waste offers commercial waste services for business and commercial organisations throughout the Blackburn area.

Waste disposal Blackburn

In recent years the figures for recycling in Blackburn have dipped from 40% of all waste produced, to a below average total of 36%. The town of Blackburn is one of the lowest performing towns in the whole of the UK when it comes to environmentally friendly waste management. With so many different types of waste being produced it can be difficult to keep track of what you can and cannot recycle. At Business Waste Ltd we understand the headache waste management can cause and use high quality waste management technology to help save you and your business both money and time.

Recent reports have suggested that businesses and other commercial organisations who are seen to actively reduce their impact on the surrounding environment by recycling are likely to be more successful. Businesses across the UK are likely to have a higher reputation with their customers and staff when using green waste management solutions. We can also offer your Blackburn business recycling bins for your customers and staff to use, enabling them to feel satisfied that they too have reduced their carbon footprint.

Waste collections Blackburn

Whilst not all types of waste can be recycled we aim to recycle all of your business waste where possible. The local council of Blackburn does not currently collect all forms of commercial and business waste. At Business Waste Ltd, we provide a wide range of professional waste management services to deal with all types of waste.

We can arrange all forms of business waste collections from wheelie bins and skips to complex collections involving different forms of waste. Once collected we separate your waste into recyclable and non recyclable items, and working alongside the local recycling centres in Blackburn, dispose of your waste correctly for you. Give us a call today to discuss with one of our experts the business waste management solutions we can offer you.

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Recycle centres

Your nearest recycle centres in Blackburn can be found at the following locations:

George Street West Blackburn Recycling Centre
George Street West,
George Street West,
George Street West. BB2 1PQ
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Spring Vale Road Darwen Recycling Centre
Spring Vale Road,
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How do I contact the council about my rubbish collection?

You can contact Blackburn council on their website.

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