Waste business staff and director fined for fly tipping unwanted wood

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Environment Agency spot lorries from Green Box Recycling Kent dumping waste wood on farmland

The director and staff at an Ashford based waste transfer business, have been fined over £25,000 after being caught fly tipping unwanted rubbish at a farm.

Officers from the Environment Agency saw lorries owned by Green Box Recycling Kent, who are based at Ashford Industrial Centre, Cobbs Wood, illegally dumping waste wood at Marlow Farm, near Lenham. It is not known whether the drivers then set fire to the wood themselves, or if they left it for other people to do.

Staff and business owner fined for waste wood offences

Marlow Farm, near Lenham; where the waste wood was illegally burned

The director of Green Box Recycling, Richard Monks, was fined £5,525 plus £9,000 costs, at Folkestone Magistrates Court. Mr Monks pleaded guilty on a personal level.

A driver for Green Box, named as Andrew Malyan, was also made to pay a fine of £3,689 plus £3,000 costs. The manager of the farm, Robert Clark, was fined £1,205 plus £3,000 costs.

The drivers at Green Box Recycling were not instructed, or spurred on to illegally fly tip the unwanted wood by Mr Monks but he did confirm that he knew some lorries were taking loads of waste wood to be burnt at Marlow Farm, on Flint Lane, near Lenham.

Mr Monks accepted that he chose to overlook the illegal activities and knowingly allowed up to fifteen loads of unwanted wood to be taken illegally to be burnt at Marlow Farm.

The driver, Andrew Maylan, said that someone within Green Box told him to dispose of the unwanted wood illegally. He is now the subject of a criminal conviction.

Alan Lansdale, the Environment manager, said: “Their actions showed blatant disregard for the environment. Waste crime can undermine legitimate businesses.”

“In cases like this where illegal operations are connected with licensed businesses, we have no hesitation in prosecuting those involved as we want to make sure that waste crime doesn’t pay.”

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