Washroom Services

Waste management

All UK employers must follow specific guidance set out by the government on the regulation and disposal of waste produced from washroom services.

Due to the nature of washroom services waste, special care and precaution must be taken when disposing of it. Outsourcing an approved provider is one of the best ways to ensure that your organisation is fully compliant with the relevant hazardous waste disposal regulations.

We provide employers with an alternative to disposing waste in landfill. We aim to ensure that all of our clients have an efficient way to dispose of washroom services waste, in a sustainable and eco-friendly way.

Types of Washroom Services Waste

There are several different types of waste that washroom services produce. We can provide disposal and recycling services for the following types of waste:

We are fully committed to disposing of washroom services waste in an efficient and green way. It is unnecessary for many products of washroom services to be sent to landfill; that’s why we aim to recycle and reuse the waste that we collect from you, saving your organisation money and resources.

Our qualified waste management professionals can carry out the disposal and recycling services for washroom services in your organisation. Our specialists are fully accredited and will ensure that any waste your washroom services provide will be disposed of in a safe and correct manner.

Waste Management for Washroom Services

We can collect nearly all forms of washroom services waste in the large array of specialist bins that we can also provide for you. Whether you require daily, weekly or monthly collection of your waste, we have the services to provide you with the best-in-class service that you require.

Based throughout the UK, we have teams of specialist waste management providers across the UK. Our professionals are strategically located, ensuring that we have a washroom service waste provider local to you.

We provide our clients with an assessment of your washroom services and an effective waste management system, to ensure that your waste needs are comprehensively met.

To discuss the different options that we have for washroom services, and to order your free bin, contact our advisers today for more information. We can provide you with advice and assistance, making the process of gaining an efficient waste management system simple. So call us today on  0800 211 8390.  


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