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Warning to residents who fail to recycle correctly

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Households at risk of having their bins taken away if they continue to recycle incorrectly


Warnings are being issued to residents who continually fail to recycle their waste correctly in the Broadland area. Any household that doesn’t recycle their waste properly could have their bins taken off them.

This new idea will only be used as a ‘last resort’ against those who continue to use their bins in the wrong way, says Broadland District Council and follows a recent monitoring procedure that revealed an average contamination rate of 9.5pc within the Broadland area on recycled waste.

Broadland council threatens homeowners with bin confiscation

Recycling should be done correctly or residents could lose their bins

The council is now concentrating on educating the residents in the Broadland area about what can be recycled and what can’t, by posting information leaflets out to households and possibly launching an incentive scheme.

If after educating people, some continue to recycle incorrectly, they could have their bins taken off them.

A district council spokesman said: “This would be a last resort after several attempts to communicate with the resident on how to use the grey recycling bin correctly.”

“A bin would not be removed without informing and talking to the resident to try and overcome any barriers first, and would hopefully be a joint decision with the resident.”

He also emphasised that it was “highly unlikely” that a residents bin would be taken away.

Other places throughout the UK have also considered the removal of bins idea, including North Norfolk District Council.

Balvinder Singh Kular, a Liberal Democrat who sits on the Environmental Excellence Panel, has voiced his concerns, saying that taking people’s recycling bins away could possibly lead to more fly tipping.

He added: “Not everyone will make the effort to take their bin down to the tip when it’s full.”

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