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Wakefield council warns against recycling dead pets

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Dead pets and other unusual items are being incorrectly recycled by Wakefield’s householders

Residents in the West Yorkshire city of Wakefield are being asked not to use their council recycling bins for the disposal of dead pets or animals.

The warning comes just a year after the recycling collection service was introduced by Wakefield Council. The service has proved a big success and recycling has risen by 10 per cent throughout the area, but council officials would like residents to be more careful with what they are putting into their recycling caddies.

Once collected, Wakefield’s household recycling waste is taken to a recycling depot where it is sorted by human waste operatives. At least five times per week, the waste operatives are getting an unpleasant surprise amongst the plastic and cardboard; namely, dead animals!

The council says that puppies, dogs, cats, kittens, hamsters, rats, gerbils, rabbits, guinea pigs and chickens and hens are being mistakenly placed into homeowners’ recycling bins.

A spokesperson from the council commented: “The most quirky animal we have received was a bearded dragon.”

Dead pets should either be buried in one’s personal garden (providing you first seek authorisation from the council’s environment department); taken to a vets for disposal; or taken to a pet cemetery or crematorium. Never put a dead animal in any of your household waste bins.

Anyone who comes across a dead animal on a pubic road or highway should contact the council, as it will dispatch a team of dispose of these itself.

However, it is not just dead pets causing contamination; other unusual items are making their way to the council’s recycling depot, including false teeth, walking sticks, knives, gardening equipment and old electronics.

Councillor Richard Forster, deputy cabinet member for environment and communities at Wakefield Council, said: “I urge everyone in the district to think carefully before placing items in their recycling bin and if in doubt to check out the Council website.”

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