US humourist and litter campaigner advocates big on the spot-fines

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US humourist and litter campaigner ‘like a trash can’ advocates big on the spot-fines to battle ‘disgraceful’ difficulty at committee of industry representatives and MPs

Britain has the worst trash issue on the planet and also the best way to control it’d be to set up roadblocks and fine anyone discovered with a clean auto, an American best-selling author and humourist has told a committee of MPsinvestigating the way to clean up the environment.

David Sedaris, who lives in Sussex and has acknowledged to picking up rubbish for five hours a day, promised poorer people who shop at Tesco were more likely to drop rubbish afterward wealthier shoppers.

“I don’t see opera tickets in the road. There is a Waitrose supermarkert near where I live [ yet ] this past year I discovered merely one Waitrose bag. There is also a Metro Tesco store and I discover Tesco bags constantly. It’s fast foods and candy bars and crisps.

“I find more Mayfair cigarettes than every other brand. Are they not the most economical? I’m not attempting to sound like a snob but if you walk down a mile of road and take whatever you find there is no denying the things you locate.

“Maybe people [in deprived regions] are throwing things out of their car windows as a way of saying ‘screw you. I don’t live here’.”

Sedaris told the communities and local government committee . “You must go deep into eastern Europe to find it so bad. I have not found anything such as this in France or Japan. It’s obviously a cultural difficulty.

“It’s bad for the spirit to walk through filth. Trashing is not unimportant. It is disgraceful. Should everyone live in a teens’ bedroom? Peek into a hedge here and it is like a trash can… In London you’ll see trees with bags of dog crap under them.”

The trashcan advocated that litterers be shamed by their peers and be given heavy on the spot fines. “In Massachusetts there are now $10,000 (GBP6,600) fines for littering. It makes people think twice. Here it is GBP70. I would get litterers, study them, learn who they listen to to make relentless fun of them in advertisements, so they would feel like ‘wow, that’s me in a bad light’. You would like to create a system of abject paranoia, so no-one would feel safe.”

Cherry Lewis-Taylor, a McDonald’s franchisee with four restaurants, told the MPs that it was merely a “tiny, tiny” minority of individuals who littered. “We’ve banners and bins, all our packaging is tagged, we do trash patrols and clean-up occasions. It’s schooling and campaigns that are the key,” she said.

“The KBT wont talk to us. Local government is not going to talk to us. It’s very hard to engage with local,” he said.

“Cigarette have given out 100,000 free mobile ashtrays a year. Cigarette are very happy to give them out with every packet. But private ashtrays are just one alternative. We need long-term behaviour penetration endeavors, a mix of educational and behaviour change jobs, along with more ashtrays and bins,” said Roca.

In an earlier hearing, the MPs had been told by local authorities that there had been a huge increase in littering and flytipping because of increases in the fees and due to austerity and council cutbacks.

“Local get very unjust and combined criticism from the media. On the one hand there is a solid line is abominable. We must do something about it. Local authorities, you aren’t doing enough. On the other hand when they do, we’ve got narratives about what we call ‘Sausagegate’, where a sausage roll lost in Hull. There was a course of action taken and also the council was vilified by the media.”

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