Unilever announces zero-waste across 600 sites

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Ambitious Unilever achieve groundbreaking zero-waste status

Corporate behemoth Unilever wants to motivate other businesses to achieve zero-waste landmarks as it announces it is now operating 600 zero-waste sites across the globe.

Unilever is a spearheading company in the fight against commercial waste; in January 2015 it reported to have achieved zero-waste operations within 240 of its manufacturing plants. In the ensuing year, the firm pushed on for greater recycling success and it has recently announced that 600 of the company’s sites, spread across 70 countries, are operating with zero-waste production.

The zero-waste status has been achieved in the firm’s warehouses, factories, office buildings, and distribution centres, by implementing a waste system using the four ‘Rs’ method; that is, reusing, reducing, recycling or recovering.

Unilever announce zero-waste success

Unilever House, London

The multi-national company, which employs more than 172,000 people worldwide, said that this system is used across the whole business spectrum, from staff canteens to factory floors; and the concerted efforts of its employers and partners has been cost-effective by up to $200 million.

However, despite Unilever’s success, Pier Luigi Sigismondi, the Chief Supply Chain Officer within the company, has said that it is still aiming for more and has teamed up with value chain expert 2degrees, with the aim of attaining zero waste across Unilever’s value chain by implementing more circular recycling models.

Pier Luigi Sigismondi said: “It is time to accelerate efforts to move towards a zero waste world and our new collaboration with 2degrees will allow us to share lessons and experiences, and to encourage other businesses and industries to take up the zero waste challenge.”

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