UK Recycling

In 2012 the amount of waste which the UK recycled was just 17%. If every business recycled just some of their commercial waste, the overall figures for the UK would increase dramatically.

From 2015, all UK businesses will be required to separate their recyclable waste, or face prosecution. It is essential that as an employer, you ensure that your commercial waste is being recycled appropriately.

We take the hassle out of recycling and can help UK businesses recycle their commercial waste. Not only will the benefits for the environment be huge, but businesses can also benefit by saving money on landfill tax, improving their efficiency and re-using resources.

What can we recycle?

Many waste companies can only recycle common, everyday recycling waste such as cardboard, paper and glass. At Business Waste we can recycle these and other more specific waste items which other companies cannot recycle. These include:

Plastic, paper, cardboard
Food waste
Aerosol cans

If you are unsure if your commercial waste can be recycled, contact us today to speak to one of our helpful advisers. We aim to answer any questions that you have regarding UK recycling.

More and more organisations in the UK are choosing to take action and implement an efficient recycling service. We are committed to recycling the majority of the commercial waste that we collect to provide businesses with a way to cut costs, improve its efficiency and help to protect the environment.

UK recycling collections

No matter where your business is based in the UK, we have a recycling collection service local to you. Our collection routes are strategically planned so that we can provide our customers with a fast, frequent and reliable recycling collection.

As a leading waste management company, we have years of experience in handling recycling for small and large businesses, nationwide. Our vast team of recycling collection vehicles and handlers ensure that wherever you are based in the UK, we will have recycling collection services, local to you.

Recycling doesn’t have to be a chore. It can be easy, safe, and a great way to save the environment.

For more information on UK recycling, contact our helpful customer care team today. We can provide you with a competitive free quote for your recycling requirements. So contact us today on 0800 211 8390