UK charity announces coffee cup recycling project for Manchester

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2.5 billion paper coffee cups get used every year in the UK but only 1% are recycled

A new paper coffee cup recycling project has been announced by the environmental charity, Hubbub.

The Manchester based #1MoreShot campaign set up by the charity, aims to recycle 20,000 paper cups and then by using new advanced technology, turn those cups into useful plastic products.

Paper coffee cup recycling project underway in Manchester

Both coffee houses back the project © Copyright N Chadwick

2.5 billion coffee cups get used and thrown away every year in the UK but alarmingly, only 1% are recycled – the story of which was told recently by TV chef and foodwriter, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, in his Hugh’s War On Waste programme, which aired on BBC1 earlier this year.

According to the co-founder of Hubbub, Gavin Ellis, many people throughout the UK still don’t realise that a staggering 99% of our used coffee cups aren’t recycled. The main reason for this, is that to make the cups waterproof, the card is mixed with polyethylene, which as a material, can’t be separated from the cup at a regular paper processing plant, meaning all those paper coffee cups end up at landfill, or waste to energy sites.

The charities aim is to provide a long term solution for the coffee cup dilemma and explore the best way of dealing with the lack of paper cup recycling facilities.

Hubbub’s three month project will involve placing eleven giant coffee cup shaped bins along Oxford Road, Manchester.

The bins will then be emptied by Simply Cups, who have partenered up with the #1MoreShot campaign. The cups will then be turned into 15,000 plastic flower pot holders by Simply Cups, who at the moment, are the only company in the UK providing a coffee cup collection and recycling service.

Costa, Caffé Nero, Waitrose, Greggs, McDonald’s, KFC, Nestle and Pret a Manger are all backing the project and have provided financial support to the campaign.

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