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Two Lincolnshire recycling centres set to close

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Lincolnshire County Council considers recycling centre closures amid cutbacks

A meeting has taken place in Lincolnshire for residents and council officials to discuss the issue of closing two recycling centres in Leadenham and Whisby by the end of March this year.

The gathering took place on Thursday, January 21, at a venue in Navenby, a small village situated between the two recycling sites at Leadenham and Whisby. It was attended by senior officials from Lincolnshire County Council and residents from area, who are concerned that the closures could have a detrimental effect upon the area and increase the likelihood of fly-tipping.

District and county councillor, Marianne Overton, was one of the voices speaking out against the proposal: “This decision forces more people to drive further with their rubbish, struggling into the traffic and adding to pollution and creating more congestion on Lincoln’s already overloaded roads.”

Two Lincolnshire recycling sites face closure

Leadenham and Whisby recycling centres face closure

The council proposes closing these two recycling sites due to cuts in government funding, which means the council must look to reduce its costs by £170m. In addition to this, the Environmental Agency has found that the Leadenham site falls short of regulation requirements and has said that at least £200,000 must be spent in order for it to meet the expected standards.

Martin Hill, leader of Lincolnshire County Council, has said, at a previous meeting, that £200,000 is an unreasonable amount for the council to invest in the Leadenham recycling centre and that the issue is a “no brainer”.

A final decision has yet to be reached as residents and councillors suggested a number of alternatives rather than closing the sites completely. If the closures do finally go ahead, residents in the area will have to travel to Lincoln and Sleaford to dispose of larger waste items.

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