Too many recycling rules will set back efforts in Wales

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Welsh assembly member warns against overwhelming householders with more recycling policies

An assembly member for the Welsh Government has warned councils in the country to avoid introducing too many recycling policies within a short period of time, as too many regulations and rules will have an adverse effect on the recycling rate.

The assembly member for Llaneli, Lee Waters, said overwhelming householders with multiple new policies at once will create “unintended” and “knock-on consequences” which will ultimately and negatively effect the recycling efforts throughout Wales.

Assembly member claims too many recycling policies could result in falling recycling efforts

Recycling policies could negatively impact the recycling rate

At present, Wales is the top home nation recycler, followed by an almost equal Scotland and England, with Northern Ireland taking last place. Wales is so successful at recycling its municipal waste, that there’s a chance it could become the top recycling country in the European Union.

Mr Waters thinks that the Welsh Government and individual councils should now take a step back from policy making and instead analyse the recycling situation in each county, to assess which of the current policies are working and to address any issues that have developed.

According to Mr Waters, one policy introduced by Carmarthenshire council, which allows householders to dispose of only four bin bags per fortnight, was resulting in householders using neighbours’ bins and even resorting to fly-tipping.

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