Tesco announce food waste to charity plans

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UK supermarket chain is tackling global food waste issue head-on

Supermarket chain Tesco has announced a new scheme that will result in no food waste from its nationwide stores by the end of 2017, as a pilot food waste scheme is extended throughout the company.

The supermarket is rolling out the ‘Community Food Connection’ scheme across the entirety of its stores after successfully operating a six-month 14-store pilot scheme, which has saved 22 tonnes of perfectly edible food from going to waste.

Tesco’s figures show that its stores and distribution centres wasted 55,400 tonnes of food last year; the supermarket estimates that 30,000 tonnes of this food was edible and could have been used to produce more than 70 million meals for those in need.

Tesco extend waste food to charity scheme

Tesco launch extension of its food waste scheme

The ‘Community Food Connection’ operates with the help of food charity FareShare FoodCloud, which distributes unwanted food across the country. The FareShare FoodCloud online platform allows Tesco staff to communicate with charities and organisations who are happy to receive the unwanted food.

The scheme was launched across 15 cities last week, including Birmingham, Manchester, Portsmouth and Southampton, and will continue to be introduced in more cities and towns throughout the next two years.

Tesco and FareShare are eager to get more charities and organisations on board. The supermarket needs about 5,000 nationwide charities to sign up to the scheme who are willing to take the perfectly edible food.

Tesco chief executive Dave Lewis said: “We believe no food that could be eaten should be wasted… We know it’s an issue our customers really care about, and wherever there’s surplus food at Tesco stores, we’re committed to donating it to local charities so we can help feed people in need.”

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