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Takeaway Waste Management

Building A Better Business Through Takeaway Waste Management

In a world where we are becoming increasingly conscious about how much we consume and how we treat the environment, it is up to everybody to take some responsibility in this area. By including businesses in this mission, companies can work together as a team and alongside professional takeaway waste management firms to do their bit.

Takeaway Waste Collection

Business Waste can provide you with a tailored takeaway waste management and waste collection service to help you build a better business. Whether you need to dispose of food waste, packaging or even invoices containing sensitive information, we can meet your requirements. That means we can provide collections during hours that suit yours and provide as many or as few bins as you need along with competitive pricing.

Once your business has our bins on site, you do not need to worry about emptying them yourself. Our collections aim to limit any disruption to your day to day operations as far as possible. In fact, most report that our takeaway waste management service helps them run more efficiently and reduces costs as employees cut down on paper and packaging.

Takeaway Waste Bins

Whatever you need to dispose of, from waste to recycling, we can supply the correct takeaway waste bins for your business. These will make it easy to sort your waste which is the first step in disposing of it responsibly. The takeaway waste bins we provide will also contain rubbish in a tidy manner so that your premises is neater and more hygienic – essential standards to meet for those operating in the food industry.

Our bins are all fit for each individual purpose and range in size from a 120-litre wheelie bin to a 10yd roll up, and we will work with you to supply those which best meet the volume of waste you produce.

If you need to recycle paper trays and cartons, glass, metal and even plastic containers made from PS (popular in takeaway packaging), we can provide the recycling facilities and bins for you to become more environmentally friendly.

Our commercial waste management plans can also be tailored to include special collections for confidential documents, which you might require less often, as well as WEEE waste for equipment you might use in the kitchen, and other non-recyclables.

Another important aspect of takeaway waste management is food and used cooking oil collections, and you can trust us to provide the bins that meet your legal obligations to dispose of food waste in colour-coded, easy to clean, sealable and durable bins that prevent access to pests as well as cross-contamination.

At Business Waste, we also deliver advice on how to build a better business through waste management. The following are just some of the tips that we give our valued customers.

Be informed

When you and your employees learn just how destructive waste that is not disposed of correctly can be to our environment, you will want to become more responsible. Did you know that 1.3bn tonnes of food goes to waste globally every year? In more general terms, the UK alone produces around 200 million metric tonnes of waste a year, 44% of which is recoverable and 23% goes to landfill.

Have a waste management plan

Once your business is on board with managing waste correctly to improve the environment, it is time to initiate a plan. Speak with all of your employees and decide exactly what type of takeaway waste collection you need and how frequently you will need it. If you are not sure on this matter, Business Waste can help you by evaluating your current waste and making suggestions.

When you have devised a takeaway waste management plan, you can educate your employees on how to make the most of it. This can mean teaching them what materials can be recycled in which bins, such as plastic, paper, glass and food waste.

Get us involved

At Business Waste, we want your business to be as successful as possible when it comes to takeaway waste management. For more information on takeaway waste management collections, get in touch with us today. We’ll offer you a free quote within an hour and work with you to improve your business and the environment. We will then continue to work with our clients so that they produce as little waste as possible, such as sending electronic invoices and having a pay by phone plan and collecting your takeaway waste bins at a time and frequency that suits your business.

Work with our waste management team today and build a better future for your business as well as the environment.

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