Swansea introduces new recycling bins

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Swansea is introducing new recycling bins in the city centre in a bid to encourage people to recycle more.

The council is introducing ‘quad bins’ and ‘duo bins’ over the coming months as part of a campaign to persuade residents to dispose of their recycling materials as thoughtfully when they are out and about as they do at home.

Swanse Recycling

On-street quad bins will have pink and green logos and non-recyclables will have a black logo to echo the pink, green and black bags residents are used to using at home.

In areas of the city where there is insufficient room for the bigger bins, smaller ones will offer the choice between recyclables and non-recyclables.

Cabinet member June Burtonshaw said: “The new bins will mean residents can recycle on the go and help boost recycling rates across the city. The city has been operating the pink week-green week system for two years now and I think most people are used to it and will wonder why they can’t do the same thing when they’re out and about.

“Large amounts of recyclable waste like newspapers, bottles and cans in single bins when people are on the go currently go straight into general litter bins and that’s often the case whether you’re out in Swansea or any other major town or city.”

£50,000 has been set aside for the project and it’s expected that the first set of bins will be introduced later this month. They will be placed in all town centres and in other busy areas throughout Swansea.

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