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Sussex Downs College students top for recycling

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Hospitality and catering students at Sussex Downs College in Eastbourne are top of the class when it comes to recycling.

They undertook a research project which showed that 4560kg were sent to landfill each year from the training kitchens in Eastbourne at a cost of £5,200, and they set about experimenting to see how they could cut the cost while at the same time improving their recycling methods.

They created a recycling station which separated plastic bottles, paper, cardboard and cans from food waste and estimated from their findings that there could be a 75 percent saving on waste going to landfill, which, in turn, slashed £3,900 a year on the cost of contractors hired to remove the waste.

Now they are going to take their investigation a step further by setting up a composter for vegetable waste and a wormery for other food waste with the aim of reducing items to landfill to an absolute minimum in the next 12 months.

This initiative is just one of many projects taking place at Sussex Downs College aimed at carbon reduction. Clearly top marks for top pupils – and food for thought for all of us.

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