Survey finds householders are confused about recycling rules

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Two-thirds of people do not know what can and cannot be recycled in their council caddy

A survey carried out by waste recycling firm Viridor has found that almost two-thirds of people are confused about the rules surrounding what can and cannot be recycled in council provided recycling bins.

Viridor believes more needs to be done to address this obvious confusion as it is negatively impacting upon recycling rates. The firm believes that well-informed householders are the key to improving the nation’s recycling efforts.

A similar survey conducted recently by Serco Environmental Services also found that one in ten people claim they do not recycle as much as they could because of perplexing rules from local authorities and obscure information on packaging.

A new survey shows that two-thirds of householders are confused about their recycling bins

Survey finds that residents are confused about recycling rules

According to Serco Environmental Services, this confusion leads to a total loss of around £45million for councils across the nation who are throwing away recycling because of contamination.

Viridor claims the confusion is due to the different rules adopted by different councils regarding what can and cannot be recycled in which receptacle. The waste recycling firm has criticised current local authority systems as “out-dated” and developed from “old-school contracts”.

Viridor spokesman Dan Cooke said: “People across the UK want to recycle more stuff, and recognise the importance of doing so, but they need better systems and support to ensure the right stuff goes in the right bin every time.”

However, many council bosses have hit back at Viridor, saying that recycling and waste collection systems must vary from area to area because “no one-size-fits-all” and “what works in an inner-city suburb won’t necessarily work in the countryside”, said spokesperson for the Local Government Association.

Householders across England currently recycle 44% per cent of the waste they produce but if they place even one incorrect item amongst their recycling, the whole bin is considered contaminated and must then be sorted at a waste facility, costing the council time and money.

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