Stirling residents receive mixed Christmas recycling messages

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The UK produces enough wrapping paper waste at this time of year to reach the moon

As Zero Waste Scotland encourages nationwide waste-conscious behaviour and Christmastime recycling, the residents of Stirling have been asked not to recycle their wrapping paper this year.

As the season of giving gets under way, Stirling Council has kindly asked people to not bother recycling the reams of wrapping paper that will have been inevitably generated over the weekend. This is because some types of cheap paper contaminate the quality of paper and card recycling.

In order to avoid confusing its residents, the council has put a blanket ban on wrapping paper being placed into recycling bins, and has instead said that all wrapping, no matter the type or quality, should be placed in the general household bins, the waste from which is destined for landfill sites.

A spokesperson for Stirling Council commented on the quality of Stirling’s usual paper and card recycling material and said that the council is one of the few in Scotland which can profit from the sale of its collected paper recycling.

The spokesperson went on to say that other local authorities in Scotland must actually pay a company to take their paper and card recycling because of its poor quality, which renders it undesirable in the marketplace.

According to Stirling Council, most cheap wrapping paper is coated in plastic or metal, which will result in contamination. However, those who have used traditional brown parcel paper to wrap up their gifts, can put that in amongst their paper recycling.

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