Starbucks introduces new coffee made from plant waste

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Coffee chain tackles waste challenges by introducing new drink made from coffee plant waste

The US coffee chain giant Starbucks has introduced a exciting new coffee onto its British menu which is made from a byproduct of coffee bean production.

The new Cascara Latte espresso is made from the part of a coffee plant which is usually discarded as waste. This may not sound appetising, but reports suggest the new drink is a delicious blend of sweetness and richness.

Coffee chains introduces new coffee espresso made from coffee fruit waste

Starbucks introduces new coffee made from plant waste

Cascara is derived from the Spanish word for ‘husk’, which represents the coffee fruit shells from which coffee beans are taken. Although, some firms produce tea or other products from these fruit shells (also referred to as cherry shells) mostly they are simply wasted.

Now, Starbucks has found an innovative and environmentally-friendly way of saving the cherry shells from the waste ground, thus reducing its food waste generation and creating a valuable product out of something that was once simply thrown away.

It was the aroma inventors at Starbucks’ Seattle roastery factory who first discovered this new use for the cherry shells, when they used them during experimentation to produce a syrup.

This syrup is the essential ingredient in the new Cascara Latte espresso, which, despite containing the fruit shells, does not taste fruity, but has subtle hints of maple syrup and brown sugar.

The new Cascara Latte will be available across all its coffee shops from January 10.

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