Smallmead recycling centre turns away two thousand vehicles

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West Berkshire residents need to be made more aware of the ban with better advertising

Since last month’s introduction of a new permit scheme, thousands of people have been refused entry to the Smallmead Recycling Centre. The new permit scheme means that residents from West Berkshire are banned from using the centre.

The new scheme started on July 1, after West Berkshire Council withdrew their yearly contribution of £500,000.

According to new figures which were released last week, from July 1 to July 15, a grand total of 2,010 vehicles were turned away from the Smallmead recycling centre.

Thousands of recyclers turned away from Smallmead recycling site

The entrance to the Smallmead recycling centre

However, out of those 2010, it is unclear as to how many of those were West Berkshire residents because some of the vehicles were commercial and would not have been allowed to use the centre even before the new scheme began.

Even though the figure that was turned away seemed high, this signalled a 14% drop on the amount of people looking to use the centre before the ban was introduced.

At a recent West Berkshire Council meeting, Alan Macro, opposition leader (Lib Dem, Theale), said that the number was very large and suggested that the council had not advertised the ban and new permit scheme enough.

However, Marcus Franks (Con, Speen), council portfolio holder for waste, did not agree and said that the ban and the introduction of the new scheme was advertised on social media and the council’s own website.

Residents in Bracknell Forest, Reading and Wokingham pay out of their council tax for the re3 recycling centres but local authorities have decided to clamp down on the amount of non-residents using the centres.

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