Shropshire recycling rates up 25%

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Shropshire Council has improved its waste management and plastic recycling figures by 25 per cent after a decision was made to allow tubs, mixed plastic pots, and trays to its kerbside collections.

The changes were made in October last year and since then have helped improve recycling rates in the area massively.

ShropshireBecause of the success of Shropshire Council, many councils are now thinking of implementing the scheme as a way to further increase their recycling numbers.

Around 50 per cent of all councils are now collecting the material as there is a big call from the public to deliver the service.

Steve Charmley from Shropshire Council is particularly pleased with what has been achieved: “I’m pleased that the council and our contractor Veolia were able to start collecting these items too in October 2012, and really pleased that people have made such good use of this service”

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