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Sepa consider using drones to tackle waste crime

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To help eradicate waste crime, Sepa plan to use satellites, tracking devices & drones

The Scottish Environment Protection Agency, (Sepa), has launched its latest Waste to Resources Framework, at the Scottish Resources Conference.

As part of Sepa’s most recent resources plan, it aims to stamp out waste crime and also promises to deal with our low compliance in the UK, concerning waste activities and to boost resource performance within businesses.

Sepa plan to use drones and satellites to tackle waste crime

Sepa plans to use drones in fight against waste crime

Scotland’s environmental regulator will use more innovative methods in their battle over waste crime, with the use of satellites, tracking devices and drones, which will be able to track down and identify movement of illegal waste and also waste disposal sites.

Within the new strategy, Sepa have stated that they will ‘design robust prevention-based solutions’, to tackle waste crime and will work together with other agencies and share information.

By working as one, they can closely examine people that have a history concerning other criminal conduct, as they believe these people are more likely to break the rules, if working in the waste disposal industry.

The new strategy will provide support to waste management companies but will also punish those who don’t comply. Sepa will also work with businesses to try and encourage them to reduce and separate their waste.

Sepa says: “Waste management facilities have disproportionately lower compliance records and more enforcement action is taken in the waste regime than in any other environmental sector.”

They’ve also stated that they’ll release information regarding progress, concerning individual performance measures and enable others to hold them accountable.

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