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Seabin invention to save the world’s oceans

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A new floating bin has been designed by two Australian surfers to help the global ocean waste issue

A new invention designed to draw waste out of the sea will be available in 17 countries by early 2017, according to the inventors who have finalised the design and technology.

The revolutionary Seabin is the brainchild of Australian surfers, Andrew Turton and Pete Ceglinski, who were prompted to create the Seabin out of a love for the earth’s oceans and the increasing waste build up that is threatening them.

The state of the world’s oceans has recently been thrown into sharp relief by the condition of the seas surrounding and situated in Brazil, the host nation of the upcoming Olympic Games 2016. Photographs showing the garbage and sewerage facing the global athletes during August’s games have hit headlines in recent months.

The Seabin is to be attached to pontoons and immersed in ocean waters up to the brim. The Seabin is fitted with a solar-powered pump which sucks in ocean litter, including plastics, and traps the waste in the bin. The Seanbin can then be removed and emptied before being re-submerged.

Co-inventor, Pete Ceglinski, said: “It catches everything floating in the water – plastic bottles, paper, oil, fuel, and detergent.”

Those concerned for the welfare of the oceans’ fish can rest assured, as tests on the Seabin have proved that fish do not swim close enough to the ocean surface to risk getting sucked in by the invention’s pump.

The Seabin has been successfully trialled at La Grande-Motte port in France and is also to be tested at four ports on the Balearic Islands in Spain. Following the successful completion of the Spanish tests, the Seabin will be manufactured ready for sale with the help of a French marina construction firm.

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