Salisbury businesses join forces to prevent street waste

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Local business owners praise a new ‘waste charter’ designed to reduce costs and prevent street rubbish

The Business Improvement District has brought together businesses across Salisbury to tackle bags of rubbish which often collect on the streets, creating an eyesore and a health and safety hazard.

At present, there are over eight waste management firms operating waste collection services in Salisbury city centre, which, according to the area’s Business Improvement District, is resulting in piles of commercial waste being left for days on city streets.

In one of the first of its kind across England, many businesses in Salisbury have now signed up to a new collective waste service with a local company, which will be responsible for transferring the commercial waste to its material recycling facility, where the waste is recycled for reuse and processed to create energy.

According to the Business Improvement District, the new ‘waste charter’ will help local businesses to save money but will also help the environment, as trade waste will now be sent for recycling instead of to landfill and city streets will be clear of bags of rubbish.

Graham Hayball, owner of Salisbury business Hayball & Co Cycles, said that the collective waste scheme could not have come into fruition without the efforts of the Business Improvement District and praised businesses for coming together for the good of the environment.

Mr Godwin from the Business Improvement District commented: “Improving the look of the city, helping our levy payers to reduce their costs and access better service and being environmentally friendly is important for businesses and the city.”

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