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Road Sweeper Hire

Keeping our streets clean – the challenges. A guide to sweeper hire and Road Cleaning Equipment

It’s a common sight across the country – discarded drinks cans, sandwich packaging and seemingly miscellaneous debris littering roads with the culprits long since disappeared.

A Guardian report noted that £1 billion was spent on clearing litter from gullies and roadsides in 2013 and it is estimated that more than one million tonnes of roadside waste is sent to landfill each year – much of which could be recycled.

Not only does this lead to an eyesore as litter mounts, but it leaves a lingering negative impression for visitors – leading to difficulties for the homes and businesses nearby.

A 2015 report into perceptions of litter in public spaces showed that members of the public tended to describe areas with visible litter, chewing gum, cigarette ends and other waste issues as ‘hazardous’, lacking in local pride, or as undesirable areas. Without regular management, this can have a significant effect on businesses in these locations, and indeed on the social status of the areas themselves.’s street sweeping machine hire provides you with a straightforward solution to waste management in your local area. Whether you own commercial properties, maintain industrial forecourts, or are looking to improve the kerb appeal of your retail space, has a solution for you.

What kind of problems can road sweeper hire solve?

Many businesses are savvy when it comes to their waste management – but roadside sweeping or cleaning is often overlooked. Our sweeper hire means you can do a one-off clean, or incorporate more regular cleaning as part of your waste management plan.

Mostly importantly, will match you with the correct technology for your purposes to ensure you’re satisfied with results. We can offer:

So why should you consider sweeper hire as a waste management solution?

National Sweepers

Many businesses are taking a more proactive approach to their environmental impact – and your waste clearing services should be no exception.

Environmental legislation such as the Landfill Directive is meaning businesses are facing up to their responsibilities in this area, with financial implications if they fail to do so.

Thanks to ever more sophisticated waste management systems, materials collected by roadside sweeper are sorted – with debris such as bottles, cans and so on being obvious candidates for recycling. However, the material which remains after this process contains sand and other fine particulates which can also be recycled, and which can be extremely costly for businesses to commit to landfill.

By using’s services, you are:

Where do you operate? can provide our services nationally – whether you’re looking for road sweeper hire in London or Newcastle or anywhere else in the UK, we pride ourselves on bringing exceptional service to you.

You’ll be paired with knowledgeable, highly-trained operatives who’ll be able to discuss what your needs are, assess the surfaces or areas which need cleaning, and recommend the best course of action for your needs, whatever your location; so you can be sure, whether you need road sweeping in a rural location or cleaning services at a large indoor venue,’s road sweeper hire has got you covered.