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Residents near Easter Langlee consulted over waste transfer site

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The Scottish Border Council is planning to construct a waste transfer facility in Easter Langlee

The residents of the Galashiels and Melrose are to be consulted by the Scottish Borders Council regarding its proposal to turn the Easter Langlee recycling centre and landfill site into a waste transfer depot.

The plan involves the construction of a 2,000m2 transfer site that would cost the council £5.5 million to build and operate up to the year 2021. Thereafter the council estimates annual operational costs of £5.1 million to process up to 40,000 tonnes of waste at the site which will then be sent on for treatment.

Easter Langlee residents to be consulted about waste transfer site

View of the Easter Langlee recycling and landfill site

The Scottish Government has announced that untreated biowaste will be banned from landfill sites by 2021, which sparked the decision by the Scottish Borders Council to stop using the Easter Langlee site as a landfill dump, and instead change it to a waste transfer facility. Landfill operations will come to a stop next year.

The council has previously invested £2.4 million into plans to transform the site into a waste treatment facility but this proposal fell through and was finally rejected by the council last year.

In light of the new proposal, residents living near the Easter Langlee site are to be given the chance to voice any objections or concerns at a public meeting to be attended by Scottish Border councillors. The meeting will take place in September but a date and place have yet to be confirmed.

Community councils and resident associations in Galashiels and Melrose have been given a proposal of application notice (PAN) from Scottish Border Council and following the public meeting in September, the council is expected to submit the initial planning applications.

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