Residents concerned about proposed toxic waste plant

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New plant could be responsible for handling over 180,000 tonnes of rubbish every year

Contentious plans to turn an old potato packing plant, close to Market Drayton, into a waste facility, running 24 hours a day, seven days a week, have met with disapproval by the residents, who are worried about the effects toxic waste could have on the public’s health.

If the plan is approved, the former potato packing site, Greenvale AP, on Warrant Road, Stoke Heath, will be made into a waste material recovery plant, responsible for handling over 180,000 tonnes of rubbish each year and will also include a nine bay storage area and have sound-proof fencing around the plant.

Residents around Stoke Heath are concerned about proposed toxic waste plant

Warren Road, Stoke Heath

The new plant would be able to take in all kinds of rubbish, including glass, clothes, farm and garden waste and asbestos and will then have the facilities to turn such items into recyclable materials.

AR Richards, who are based in Market Drayton, have applied for the development of the new waste plant and have said that most of the rubbish it will be dealing with will mainly come from construction, agriculture and domestic sources. All the rubbish will be recycled and nothing sent to landfill.

Residents from the area have aired their concerns about noise and health issues over the proposed waste plant.

Philip Hughes posted the following on the plans on Shropshire Council’s website: “I object to the plans because of the unknown toxic and hazardous substances which would be destroyed there.”

“The local roads are not suitable to sustain the excess heavy traffic this site will attract and the excess noise from machinery is detrimental to the people living and visiting the area and the environment.”

AR Richards purchased the old potato plant site in October 2014 but only uses the offices at the moment. They say that the new plant is necessary to stop waste from reaching landfill and to collect waste from proposed construction in and around the local area.

The company has stated in its planning application: “An odour management plan has been developed in order to minimise odour release at the site. Also a dust and particulates procedure has been developed in order to reduce the possibility of dust and bio aerosols being released at the site.”

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