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Recycling trucks too wide for Birmingham streets

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A new fleet of collection wagons, recently purchased by Birmingham City Council for their new wheeled recycling bins, are too wide to manoeuvre down some Birmingham streets.

The new 250-litre wheeled bins have been delivered to more than 350,000 properties throughout Birmingham city. They are collected fortnightly and are to be used for dry mixed recycling, including cans and plastic items, and they also contain a separate section for paper and cardboard.

The purchase of the wagons, which are too wide to manoeuvre around some narrower Birmingham streets, has been blamed on bad business advice. Councillor Lisa Trickett, cabinet member for sustainability, commented at a recent Birmingham City Council Q&A meeting: “We can only be as good as the business advice we get and unfortunately in procurement of the wagons the narrowness was not taken into effect.”

Recycling wagons too wide for Birmingham streets

Birmingham City Council says “the whole system” of recycling is not working

Councillor Trickett said at the meeting – which was held on January 7 in order to discuss city services – that a “fundamental change” was needed in order to resolve the current problem, but that it was not an issue of “the crew not working” or “about residents misbehaving” but about “the whole system”.

The Q&A session included members of the public from Birmingham who were able to question city councillors about city services. The issue of weekly waste collections, and waste and recycling in general, were themes which were repeatedly discussed during the meeting.

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